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Cooking Up Something Good - (5 Parts)

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Guest LiveAndLearn

Jaime Oliver has a show on the food network for those of you who are not familiar and is adorable. I keep starting stories that I don't finish so I don't know if this is TBC or not. Depends how I feel.

CUT!” the director screamed with exasperation for the seemingly millionth time that day. “Jamie, we can’t have you

sneezing all over everything this is a cooking show for Christ’s sake. What kind of message is that sending out to our viewers?”

Jaime Oliver sniffed wetly before answering. “Sorry, can’t help it. I h-h-h-h-ave a HEATCHOO, HEATCHA, HERCHOO,

HURSCHOO,” he sneezed loudly into a hankerchief that one of the staff handed him. “I have a cold. Daisy picked it up

from pre-school and gave it to me.” He coughed into his fist to illustrate the point.

“I feel for you I really do and you look miserable but we need to get the show done and I can’t have you cooking spraying

germs all over. Just get creative and do what you need to do.” The director ordered before the shooting of Oliver’s Twist resumed.

“…And that is how to make a great chicken m-m-m-marsala,” Jaime’s voice wavered characteristically and they all new what

was coming. He pressed his finger to his nose and tried not sneeze. “Now we’re g-g-g-going to hngxt, hnxgt” he

stifled “We’re going to make a delicious peach cobbler to finish up the meal,” Jaime said breathing a sigh of relief. So close to

ruining the take but he saved it. Wiping his nose on his sleeve casually he continued.

Several hours and a few hundred, or so it seemed, sneezes later, Jamie was finally on his way home. His throat was sore

making it hard to talk loud enough for the camera to pick up and he was so congested it was hard to hear what he was saying

anyways and he was so tired. Leaning back in his seat, Jamie thanked the Lord he was finished taping and had until next week

until they filmed again. He knew with every fiber of his being what he would be doing with that time, nursing a cold, and he

was definitely not looking forward to it.

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i :D jaime oliver!! thanks so much for writing this..and i would love to read more if you write it!!! really great title too!!!

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*is pretty sure that LiveAndLearn has somehow gained access to her private fantasy stash* :winkkiss:

How did you know, girl???? I thought I was the only one who fell into that particular category of People You Fancy Who You Know You Really Shouldn't.

Love. It.


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Guest LiveAndLearn

Jaime trudged into the door shaking from the winter cold and wrapped his wife Juliette in a big hug.

"How was your day honey?" she asked.

"Just horibble. When I got to work, I started sneezing. At first I thought I was allergic to something but I started to feel pretty

miserable and realized I got Daisey's cold." he moaned, his voice thick with congestion.

"My poor baby," she cooned. "Let me make you some tea and some soup for all of us and you put on something-"

"HURSCHOO, HURSHWA, HETCHUROO" he sneezed loudly and wetly into the collar of his shirt and Juliette felt her heart

melt. Although she hated to see Jaime suffering, he was just too adorable with his pink nose, flushed cheeks, congested voice

and when he sneezed like that into his collar, he looked like a little school boy again. Jaime kissed her on the cheek before

stripping his work clothes and exchanging them for some flannel pajama bottems and a hodded sweatshirt. He was just

blowing his nose when his two daughters, Poppy who was 5 and Daisy who was only 4, rushed in to greet him from work.

"Hey you guys!" Jaime exclaimed. "Daisy, you feeling better?"

"Uh huh. And Mummy says I can go back to school tomorrow!"

"Good, now who want's to go have dinner. I think Mummy said she would make us all some soup!"

"Yay!" both girls exclaimed running into the kitchen of their flat in Hamstead, London while Jaime mustered the energy to run

after them.

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you posted more!! thanks soooooo much!!! i just love reading about the poor miserable dear. and its so cute to see a real person, with a real family and all.


more? please?

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Guest LiveAndLearn

They arrived at the table just as the soup was being served. It was steaming hot and Jamie put his face over it, relishing the

warmth. Within seconds, he realized what a mistake it was as he felt a tickle in his nose. He looked for his hankerchief before

realizing with dismay that he had left it in his work pants and he was now in his pajamas. "HNGXT, HNXGTCHOO,

HUCHMPH, HITCHMPH, HECHMPHOO!" It had become increasingly difficult to stiflle into his cupped

hands and he was relieved when his wife handed him some tissues for him to sneeze into. "HUH-HUH-ACHOO,

HETCHOO." He waited for more but that was the last of them. Exusing himself from the table, he went into the bathroom

and blew his nose loudly trying in vain to clear the congestion that had accomponied the sneezes and served as a companion

to the god awful cold he had caught. After several failed attempts, Jamie made his way back to the table. He sipped his soup

and although he was not at all hungry, it soothed the sore throat that had made its place on his list of symptoms a short

while ago. Whether it was the long day, the cold he was fighting, or the comfort of the warm soup and tea, Jamie's eyelids

began to droop and it took a great deal of effort not to fall asleep right there at the table. A worried voice broke into his


"Jamie, honey, go to sleep. You look exhausted. I'll do the dishes and put the kids to bed in a little while.

"No, no I'm fine HEATCHOO, HUCHWAOO," he said sniffling.

"You are not fine. You are sick. That was an order not a suggestion." replied the general. He wanted desperatley to protest, to

be strong but the bed sounded too nice, the covers too warm and he made his way to bed, asleep as soon as his head hit the


He was woken in the middle of the night with a shake on the shoulder.

"What time is it Jules?" he asked coughing violently into his elbow.

"It's two in the morning but I want to take your temperature. You kicked off the covers a while ago but now you're shaking."

He was too tired to argue and put up no fight when the thermometer was placed in his mouth. When I beeped, Juliette slid it

out of his mouth and read it with a shake of her head. "I knew it 101.3! I'm going to go get you some Tylenol."

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"You are not fine. You are sick. That was an order not a suggestion." replied the general. He wanted desperatley to protest, to be strong but the bed sounded too nice, the covers too warm and he made his way to bed, asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

:thumbup: OMG!!! i just love this!!! im soooo glad you posted more!! now i can go off to bed with pleasant dreams of Jaime and his poor pitiful cold.... :drool:

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Guest LiveAndLearn

*Note: This part features Rachel Ray who also has a cooking show (several actually). I have no idea if they know each other in real life but for now they do. I know some people find her irritating but deal w/ it. :thumbup:

Jamie was awoken by a knock on the door. Stumbling out of bed he grabbed some tissues as he made his way to the door.

"Hullo?" he said as he opened it.

"Jaime. Hi I had a day off filming $40 Dollars a Day over hear in England so I decided to drop in and say hello."

"Rach, hi, come in! I missed you!" Jaime said as he pulled her in for a hug. Suddenly she felt him pull away. "HURSHCOO,

HETCHAA, HE-HE-HE-ACHOO!" he sneezed into the tissue and broke out into a fit of deep coughing.

"God you sound terrible!" Rachel exclaimed. "I spoke to you manager who said you had a few days off but if I had known

you were sick I would have let you rest!"

"No, don't worry about it. I'm happy to see you." Jaime replied hoarsly when he had finished coughing. "Let me get you

something to drink."

"You go lay down. I'll be fine." Rachel refused but Jamie wouldn't have it.

"It is like 15 degrees in England this time of year. Is coffee or tea better?"

"Coffee sounds great." she agreed reluctantly.

"So catch me up hun." Rachel said a little while later once the coffee was made. They were on the couch with Jaime lying

down, his head resting on her lap, the T.V. on softly in the background.

"Well Daisy and Poppy have grown a lot and Poppy is in kindergarten and Daisy in pre-school. They love it and Jules loves her

job. She goes three times a week and she is actually there now."

"Ya, I was wondering where she-"

"HECHMPH, HUCHMPHOO, HITSCHAMPH!" he stifled to avoid spraying her. Jamie swiped at his nose with his soiled tissue.

As useless as it was he was too embarassed to ask Rachel to grab him one. As if reading his mind she handed him a few and

he smiled gratefully before blowing his nose.

"So how long have you been sick?" she asked him.

"Since yesterday, Daisy caught one from one of her little friends and passed it on to me." he said. She chuckled and Jamie

gave her a puzzled look.

"You are just too cute! Your m's sound like b's and your n's like d's. You are going to hate me but it is adorable." she gasped

out. He pouted playfully but Jamie knew it was true. His sinuses felt like they were stuffed with cotton and he could not breathe

at all through them. They talked a little longer and Jamie felt himself drifting off and before he knew it, he was asleep.

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Guest LiveAndLearn

He awoke an hour later to the smell of chicken soup. Rubbing his eyes sleepily, he stumbled off the couch into the kitchen

where he saw Rachel stirring a pot of soup.

"Hey sleepy head. How you feeling? Juliette called a few minutes ago and said she would try to come home as soon as she

could." Jamie just nodded his head and plopped down in a chair.

"You don't have to stay here and take care of me you know. It is your day off, have some fun." Jamie croaked.

"Of course I'll stay here with you. Plus I want to see how much your kids have grown. I haven't seen them in years." Jamie

smiled gratefully. "Oh here" she said as she handed him the box of tissues as she noticed his expression.

"HURSCHWAA, HURSCHOO, HETCHOO, ARCHWAA" he sneezed into the tissues, his head snapping forward with each

sneeze. "Ugh" he moaned as he scrubbed at his painfully sore nose.

"Poor thing, you sound worse if that's possible." Rachel said. "Jules wanted your to take your temperature again before the

hot soup screwed it up. Here" she said as she handed him the thermometer.

"Thanks" he said as he slid it under his tongue. A few minutes later they heard the familiar beeping and Jamie held it up to

read it. "102.8, no wonder I feel so horrible."

"You want some soup?" Rachel asked trying to be helpful.

"No thanks." he said holding his head. "I would love some Tyleonol though, I have got a blistering headache."

" Sure and let me get you a cold towel for your forehead. It might help a little." she said as she went into the

bathroom. "Too bad you won't be able to go to that Food Network awards tonight."

"What, its tonight! I thought it was n-n-next next HUSCHROO, HETCHOO, AH-AH-HITCHOO" he sneezed violently

into the crook of his elbow. "I thought it was next week. I have got to be there. I am presenting an award! Damn it."

"I'm sure they would understand if you missed it. You're sick."

"No, no I am gonna go. I'll just go late, present the award and leave." Jamie insisted.

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YAY!!!! it just keeps getting better! i :wub: how Rachel is taking care of him..and making him soup!! how sweet!!!!

more? please? pretty please?

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