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Ahh more Seph and Devon!


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*pages brain*

*gets NO answer*

*commences to flailing like an idiot instead!*

:unsure: Aaaaahhh, "thank you" seems so WOEFULLY inadequate!!! Hnngggh....I am SO going to make your pants explode with Frost fic for this, just you WAIT, woman!!! :omg: *gathers wits and goes to sit in a corner and giggle for the next five hours*


JFLSKDFJDLK THANK YOU!!!! :wheels: Rarrr, where's my PENCIL?!?!


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Ok, i am SO going to beat VoOs in replying here :wheels:

MATE!!! It's f-f-f-f-f-freaking AWESOME!! And the dogwood blossoms in the background are beautiful. And ARGH!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Devon's expression!! :unsure: It's like "ok, stop SNEEZING already dude!" :rolleyes: Or maybe that's just me and my silly brain.

GreenFaerie, you. are. AMAZING.

Wuhhhh.... :wub:

Enough said? I think so :bounce:

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OMG, so wonderful... Seph's expression is to DIE for... So much hotness... *drowns in own drool*

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Ok, i am SO going to beat VoOs in replying here :bounce:


And so you did, babe! Congrats, you get a cookie! :wheels:

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*cackles like a maniacal wench*

that is sooooooo awesome. the expressions are just perfect!!!!!! oh my gosh! dude, i totally love it!!!!!!


OMG!!!! dude.....ok...i am unable to comment better because my brain is like....dur de durr......



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LORDHAVEMERCY!!!!!!!!! :twisted::twisted::twisted::D:twisted:


That is AWESOME!!!! *jumping up and own and flailing like a madwoman* Oh I love it love it love!!!!!!!!!!


--Doji, enthralled!

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This is REALLY REALLY GOOD! Ironically enough I think I love Devon in this picture better just because I love her expression and how you've drawn her is fantabulous!

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