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cop, tennis, and a funny one from my brother-in-law


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ok, i'll start with the cop since it's the freshest in my mind. my aunt and i were out and about today, when a cop car pulled up next to us. He was good looking i guess, too old for me, 30's or something. so we were at this stop light and he was next to us, now i'm kinda scared of cops so i didn't like looking at him for fear he'd look at me (lol i'm a dork i know!) but i did look at him because he started rubbing his nose, he didn't look at me thank God bc then i wouldn't have been able to see what happened next. The light changed and off we went, i still kept my eyes on him though and just as we were about to turn into this parking lot he curled his hand up into a fist and sneezed a rather surpressed looking sneeze. Now of course i didn't hear it, but my guess is it would have sounded something like "Pshoo!" just the way he surpressed it made me think that. i'm kinda nervous about posting an obs about a cop...think i could be arrested for it? ;-p

ok so i don't really know what happened with this post but it got all jacked up so sorry. i'll just quickly add the other ones but i'll make them brief

my fam and i went to play tennis and these two young guys came out to play tennis one cute one and one who was less attractice, unfortunately the cute one didn't sneeze the other one did. it was like "Hyeeetchoo!" very depserate and after the first sneeze he had a super desperate look on his face as the second one approached and it was like "Heeshoo!" Then he resumed playing like nothing had happened.

next my cousin and i were hitting another day and there were these lessong going on and this guy who was this typical full of himself business man type was talking on his face behind one of the courts where i'm guessing his kid was taking lessons, suddenly he let loose with this "HAAASHOO!" just super loud and abnoxious and i was half annoyed and half arroused lol.

lastly my sister and her hubby took me out a bit ago just to hang out i guess and we went to get coffee at this place and i guess these people fill up their coffee pretty frickin high because my brother-in-law and i kept spilling ours even though there were tops on which must mean we're pretty frickin' clumsy lol. anyways we were talking, listneing to music and w/e when i heard my brother-in-law say "heh-baby hold this-" and he holds out his cup to her, sort of panting with the impending sneeze approaching. my sister was like "i can't hold it, i'm driving" so he kinda growls angrily before bringing his other arm up to his face and muffling an "umpshoo!" into his arm, then he holds it out to me in the backseat and instructs me to take it and quickly, which i did even though i was having trouble with my own coffee and then he sneezed 2 more sneeze, "UhSHOO! HUSHOO!" freely. i give him his coffee back and my sister kinda laughs at him but he doesn't look happy. i ask him if he spilled any on himself and he says just on his hand and then i blessed him and i said thanks.

edited bc the post got screwed up the first time i posted it.

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There's something about sneezes in uniform, isn't there ? We've had observations of policemen sneezing before, but this is the first for a long time! thanks!

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I loved the one about your brother-in-law, desperate to get rid of his overfull coffee before disaster struck.

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Those are all pretty awesome! I think I especially liked your brother-in-law with the coffee! And I swear, people without this fetish can be so rude when people sneeze!!! No offense to your sister or anything!

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those were cute- especially the brother-in-law ones. I have this thing about the spilling the drink thing. Or being worried about it. It's just cute.

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Oooh, those were all great! Thank you so much for filling my mind with some very nice thoughts before I go to bed!

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