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<3 Abel Pre-Sneeze <3


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Alrighty, Ive been working on a few things, and this is one of the things I came up with in my spare time. <3


If anyone wants to see anymore of abel from me, just ask me. wink_kiss.gif

I have found a reason to watch trinity blood. laughing.gif


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i just :thumbup: the expression!!!! now i have to go run all around my neighborhood like a giddy mcstupid!!!!

*flaily waza*

thats soooooooo cute!!!!

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:group: SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!! :lol:

OMG I LOVE IT! AAAHHHH, he so ADORABLE!! :D Hnnnnggh, you draw him so WELL...his expression is just... :drool:!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! :thumbup:

CrazyAbelfangirlherehello! :wub:

Edited to say: I'd LOVE to see some more sneezy Krusnik from you, oh yesssss. :o

*wanders of to torture Abel herself in the meantime*

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:wub: That is SO CUTE!!! *giggles like a retard* Thank you so much for posting that, Tubas! :drool: I can never get enough Abel....he's like priestly crack!
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