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told my brother


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yeah so my brother is like... 14 almost 15. i was visiting my parents this weekend and i asked my brother if he had found any of my "wierd" files on my comp. he said no and asked what kinda of wierd files. so i told him about the fetish.. and he laughed about it! but in a good way cuz he has a fetish too that i think is wierder than mine. (sorry, i wont share it without his permission) according to him, he wouldve never realized i had a sneeze fetish until i said something about it. which i thought was wierd.. but hey.. kudos to me for not being as suspicious as i thought i was! :thumbup::drool:

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You are definitely right, most people couldn't figure this one out n their own. Anyway, kudos to you for telling your brother. I think my family (partns, sister, in-laws) are the only people I couldn't tell. Other than that, glad oyu got a positive response from your brother! :P

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There is a slight possibility my little brother (15) has a sneezing fetish! :angry:

Well, he does seem to have a thing for sneezing, colds and such, just like us. He always acts somewhat different when such subjects show up. I'm very close to him, so I wonder if I could tell him.... :lol:

If I'm lucky, he might even be a member here! :)

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kudos to me for not being as suspicious as i thought i was! :angry::lmfao:

That's awesome! Maybe we only think it's obvious because WE'RE 100% aware to the fetish and see things that others don't.

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