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self cold obs (m)


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Ive been fighting off a cold for several days, and recently it set in. I have an intense tickle in my nose and have to constantly try to prevent myself from sneezing. Nose is very runny, and when i do blow it, the tickle gets worse and i usually end of sneezing 1 to 8 times in a row, as a result my nose gets even runnier and the vicious cycle continues. I literally have been sneezing my head off these past few days....

i actually sneezed 2x while typing this

just figured i would share my sneezes w/ u guys, maybe someone can get some enjoyment out of my suffering :yes:

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Awww, bless you. ;) Thanks for sharing the obs! Hope you feel better soon.

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Awwww, you poor thing! Bless you and hope you feel better soon!

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little update...

Today i had to sit through summer school, sniffling and sneezing my way through class, and i could tell that others werent too happy. It seems as though my nose is like a faucet that is turned on and its just constantly running this clear musuc that constantly irritates my nose an dmakes it tickly and sneezy. This girl in my class kept trying to talk to me when i was trying to fight off a sneeze, and i thought i was ok, but before i could turn away the sneeze came out and right on her, i apologized and told her how bad i feel.... ARGH i hope i get beter soon

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Awww, poor thing :rolleyes:

Uh, yes, I did get enjoyment from your suffering. :laugh: I'm such a heretic! :lol:

Thank you for sharing. Hope you're feeling better. *pats on your shoulder*

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Bless you and thanks for sharing. Don't try to stop them. Just sneeze it out and you'll feel better.

(You may want a hankie or some tissues though :wink:)

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thanks guys,

Well my nose is still really prickly, and it seems as though the mucus is now a greenish/yellow color, i think that means im nearing the end even though im still quite sneezy and sniffly.

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Aw bless you many times over. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well but yes I did enjoy hearing of your sneezing.

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