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My wonderful boyfriend


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So my boyfriend have been dating for about 7 and a half months. Hmmm...let's call him A. He's adorable, probably 5'8'', with short sandy blonde hair and I guess what I would call a very classic Grecian sort of profile. His nose is not large or long, but unique; maybe sumtime I'll come up with a better description of it. :lol: Anyway, he works out a ton, so he has a very nice, built but lean body.

I've gotten a lot of nice obs from A...from sudden outbursts to exaggerated build-ups, and even the whole trying really hard to be quiet thing. But this one was especially adorable. We were in my house, on the way to get a drink or something I suppose, and he reached out to hug me. Of course I hugged him back, squeezign super hard just for the fun of it. All of a sudden, I heard (and felt) this intake of breath, and loosened my grip, thinking (for whatever ridiculous reason) that maybe I'd hurt him. I looked up just in time to see him pull away and sneeze a big, muffled, "CHooo!" into the crook of his arm. **cue: :lol: me melting to the floor into a pile of goo** And then, with another deep breath, he repeated the process. Finally, he looked over at me, genuinely surprised, sniffling and rubbing his nose.

Because it had just occured to me, I asked, "Did I squeeze those outta you?"

He sort of laughed and replied, "Yea, you squeezed two sneezes out...weird...."

Desperate to remain as inconspicuous as possible, I simply smiled and blessed him, gave him a kiss on the nose (as always) and we went on to other things. When it was time for him to say goodbye, I gave him another squeezing hug, but no luck, no sneezes. ;)

Although he did reward me with a joking fake build up. :lol: lol what a Ham.

Anyway, I'm so sorry about the length; I get carried away.

I'm so happy to finally be part of this forum! I'll keep posting :lol:

Much Love,


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NYaaAa! Sounds cute :laugh: He has cute sneezes apparently too! Sweet, wish I could make my crush sneeze whenever I huggle him :lol: Yeah, keep dreaming brain :rolleyes:

Hope to hear more from you soon!

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Mmmm. Squeezy-sneezy. It's so good when you can feel the buildup. isn't it.

And welcome to the forum.

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Super cute!!! I would have totally melted on the spot. Thanks so much for sharing! And welcome to the forum!

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Aww! That's one of the cutest obs I've ever read! I love the idea of you holding him tight and feeling the sneeze come on. Great obs, thanks for sharing!

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That's super cute! I wish everytime I hugged any of my men, they'd sneeze like that, too!! :rolleyes: Thanks for a wonderful ob! Be sure to share any more!

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