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sneezing fit in the bank


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Well today was supposed to be my day off from work but thank god I went in when they called this morning or I wouldnt have gotten to see what I did. It was almost time for me to leave and I was getting ready to balance my drawer when this lady comes into the lobby just looking at her she looked miserable red nose and watery eyes. I figured I would take my time so I could see if this was because of allergies or if she was just upset. Well as she was filling out her deposit slip she turned her head to the side toward me and sneezed 5 times all stifled and completely silent, after the last one she let out a little sigh and rubbed her nose. By then I was all excited and praying that she would come in my line I would stay over just to see it up close and personal. She had a couple different transactions and she went to fill out another deposit slip when she stopped and had this glazed look in her eyes and she sneezed 10 stifles sneezes each one she was getting more desperate to try and hold it back after sneeze number 10 she kept going and I have no clue how to describe it except to say she was trying to stifle them but couldnt and it was making this strange sound I couldnt even begin to describe it was nonstop for at least 30-40 seconds. She pulled out a tissue and blew her nose and then she came and got in line and there I am all eager saying I can help you right here hoping for another glorius observation from her. When she gets up to my window I couldnt help myself I said I take it you have really bad allergies? Her response was 3 stifled sneezes before she could answer yes and she told me she is like this ALL THE TIME and that her bf had just dumped her because he couldnt stand her sneezing all the time in public that it embarassed him. I had to just keep my mouth shut in fear I would say something to embarass myself like the fact that I was about to orgasm just watching her. Anyways I took care of what she needed and she kept making small talk to me and then all of a sudden in mid sentence she puts her finger up and lets out some of the best sneezes I have ever seen the look on her face was so desperate she had her hand on the counter and body turned toward the side and evertime she sneezed you could see her chest bouncing up and down. Here is the best part though after that she left and when I got done balancing and went out to my car she was in her car parked right beside mine sneezing her head off and she was letting them out they were so loud and intense like AAAAAAAAAAAAAtccccchooooo . I got in my car rolled the windows down and I had some of my allergy meds with me so just so I could talk to her again I took a couple of the pills and walked around to her car and it took her a minute to even realize I was standing there watching her sneeze. She looked up embarassed and I said her you can have these there allergy pills she reaches out to take them and as her hand was in mine to get it she sneezed loud and wet uncovered some of it even got on my bare chest I thought I would cream my panties right there. She tells me how sorry she is and then tells me how nice I am and asks if maybe we can hang out or something one day that she is new here and dont know that many people. HELL YES to see more obs like that. So we exchanged numbers and I cant wait to talk to her if she is like this all the time I dont know how I will be able to handle being around her.

Sorry this was so long I guess I got carried away writing it now I think I need to go get BOB out again after reliving what happened.

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Wow! What an absolutely wonderful obs! We're feeling your ecstasy all the way; and she sneezed all over your bare chest..... I'm surprised you could even keep standing!

This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.


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Dear GOD!! I have nooo idea what I would have done had i been in your position.

Probably would have babbled something nonsensical and ridiculous. Or maybe just exploded right on the spot... :rolleyes:

You were so brave to actually get to the point of trading contact info. I definitely hope you get to see her again...SOON.

Keep us posted!


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Amazing! I have no idea how you contained yourself after she even sprayed you. Please do keep us posted if you see her again.

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Sweet Jebus! :laugh: That was sooo hot!!!

If that were MY girlfriend I don't think I'd EVER let her get away from me! In fact I don't know if we'd ever be able to LEAVE the house if she sneezed that much :)

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Hope you don't actually orgasm from it, because it is noticable I know from experience ... who said that :angry: ? Greatly hot obs :) Let us know if there is more to come.. :lol:

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