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the sneeze that (almost) never was...


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so, im sure you all have read in Aku's blog of the concert we went to...(totally amazing btw) but what you didnt read about was my foiled attempts at torturing her mercilously :laugh: for of course, i am pure evil and must taunt and tease at every possibly opportunity...if i don't, she might stop liking my sneezes..and then where would i be? i would never be able to makehermyloveslave ...er...take over the world.... :nohappy:

so..while standing around on the floor between sets, i noticed a bit of smoke and dust blowing in the door...which happened to fire up an insane tickle just in the right side of my nose...a burning inching sensation i just couldnt ignore. so of course i gave Aku my most devious grin and told her that i needed to be wrong...and the hussy gives me her hand. i dont think words or emoticons could give the wry look i made justice....so...i just ignored her and began to rub the side of my nose, looking up into the dusty rafters...and just beggin for the sneeze to escape. well...of course, it wouldnt. i leaned over and told her this in her ear..as the background music was getting loud..and then threatened to use her hair, which was quite beatifully flipped out and kinda spiky on the ends. to which she shrugged and offered me a piece. *grrr* she was foiling all of my attempts to be utterly wicked, but not to be outdone, i took the proferred pointy strands..and upon insertion.....NOTHING.....that damn sneeze just wouldnt come out!!! when i told her this, she stuck a peice up her own nose..and luckily did not see me go :jawdrop::laugh: or i really would have lost all hope.... thank the sneezes she didnt wrong! i would have melted into a puddle of goo before being able to retaliate properly. but..she didnt...so i was able to try one last time...i had a napkin in my purse and i pulled it out, twirled the end and proceeded to squat down, grabbing her leg and inserting the foolproof method of induction....just then i felt it coming out...it was ready..i was ready..i stood up...aimed at her shoulder...and..you guessed it...NOTHING!!!! i tried one more time, and some guy tried to walk on me...so i gave up. i stashed my pointy wonder in my cleavage....what better place for it...and saved my frustration until after the concert.

on the way home...we pulled out into traffic..and i withdrew my implement...i was determined and would not be denied!! this time i got a really dry, but somewhat insistent "huh'tchuu!" oddly enough..not a bit of spray on her bare arm...*which displeased me to no end* so..i gave it one last shot... "heh'shuuu!" a much more wet and fairly unrestrainable one snuck its way from my nasal passages, and i misted her finely...at which point i sat back, completely self satisfied :wub: and happy that i had if nothing else gotten that damn sneeze out. by that point i had given up all hopes of torturing Aku :sadangel: and was warring with my own sinuses.

*hmph* ill just have to wait till the next time for the torture.... :laugh:

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You mean to say that that wasn't the torture? I felt tortured just readingabout all the frustrasted wrongnesse. Beautifully described.

I've been wronged, cried the fair young maiden....

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I've been wronged, cried the fair young maiden....

:wub: i dont think i'd call Aku or myself fair young maidens.....young maybe, fair...no way..we fight dirty :) and we definately arent maidens! :laugh:

although i was rather pleased with myself for getting two all natural screaming sneezes that were nicely juicy (to the point that i had to dry off the phone) while talking to her over the weekend...too bad she didnt hear the third... *snap*.....

*shrugs* oh well...off to contemplate better wrongy methods....

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oh...oh...you...oh you :wheels:

that has seriously got to be the best reply ever!!!! makes me want to go out and do mischievous things... :lol:

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DUde!!! :lol:

That is SO unbelievably devious i didn't know HOW to react :lmfao::hug: I just... wuh? and you used AKU'S HAIR?!?! :rolleyes: Oh. my god. :hypoc:

OMG!!! :baby:

I am laughing FAR too hard to type anything SANE :krider:

That? Was so unbelievably hot mate :angry:

And you at the concert looking all FABOLOUS AND bieng all wrongy... hell yes!! :lmfao:

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Of COURSE she used my hair! :clapping: It was so stiff and full of hairspray, how could I not offer it to her? Naturally, it didn't work, but the wrongness in the car on the way home made up for it. :)

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This incident was full of so much teasing and torture -- but somehow we all got dragged into the middle of it. I think that was some of the point the Count was making.

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of course i must drag you all into it...its not as much fun for me to just torture Aku....i must let everyone know about it... :(

*i just got a brilliant idea*

im going to go back to Baniira's pics of sneezy torture and get ideas of how to tease Aku more.... :D who said that? wasnt me..... *FLEES*

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Hell, never mind the obs, what about all this wrongful, wrongy type wrongyness style wrongness!? (hmmm.......that didn't work as well as I'd hoped :unsure: ) I LOVE it. Spiky hair up one's conk!? :omg:

*note to self......must grow my hair long so I can try evil type wrongness on Chui** :winkkiss::lol:

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