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Scooby sneezing while hiding! This time with a Victoria's Secret model.


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This is a real old drawing of mine that I just found biggrin.png I'm pretty sure I drew this comic when I was a freshman in high school. I still wasn't very good at drawing people so I would incorporate magazine models into my work blushing.gif and this is what I would get.

In this one Scooby is hiding with a Victoria Secret model when suddenly some of her hair starts to tickle his nose drool.gif


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Hee-hee.This is awesome <3<3

God that lady is lucky ;]

You do great work. As always, Daphine, dear <3<3

Thank you, your always so sweet :D

As I mentioned before I was so young when I drew that comic (what I call my dorky years ) not that I have changed that much :D Still it's nice to know that someone liked my work from way back then B)

O'h, and yes she is one lucky lady HEE, HEE :yes:

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