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sooooo.....im a total wheel of the finest french goat cheese imaginable...and i just have to use my 500th post for this.... :) *points to self* is waaaaaaaay too lame!!!! ok..enough randomness.....

i have already posted two ficlits following my original character Death, and quite a few of you have given me great feedback on it. im just curious, would you be interested in reading a third? or are you all bored to death *pun intended* with the way this is going?

*hides under desk waiting for responses*

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Oh psuh. You KNOW we do!

Um...if I say "yes" multiple times, does that count as multiple votes?

How about this:


"Oh, yeah. KawaiiKitty is right!"

"Yup, listen to KawaiiKitty!"

Okay, I'm going to go be weird somewhere else now... :)

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I absolutely LOVE your Death stories! So, why even stop at trilogy? I mean, if oyu have lots of ideas, could you just keep going, and going, and going... :cryhappy:

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