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A train journey

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As a new member to the forum i would like to tell you what my ideal situation would be.

It would be a train journey of about 2 hours in a carriage that is not very busy. I would be sat on a seat with a table, enough seating for 4 people, but only me and another lady would sit facing each other. As the journey began she would have a little sniffle, as the journey continued her sniffle carried on, so she opened up her handbag and would take out a small ladies hanky to blow her nose. She would spend the next 30 minutes or so taking the hanky in and out of her bag and using it. I would say to her that she had a bad cold, but we wouldalso talk about general stuff. After using her hanky quite a lot she opens her bag wide and starts looking around inside it, she then pulls out another small hanky and says " i knew i had another hanky somewhere in this bag. My other 1 is soaked". We continue to chat and she continues to sniffle, the hanky never leaving her hand. With about 40 minutes left of the journey i see her looking for a dry patch on her hanky. I say to her that she should of brought more hankies. She agrees.

Only one thing to do ! I go into my coat pocket and take out my clean ironed hanky and offer it to her. She refuses politely at first but then accepts. She would open my hanky out and start using it. She would spend the rest of the journey sniffling and blowing into my big hanky.

As the journey ends i would tell her that i hope her cold gets better.

I tell her to keep the hanky, she can remember that train journey when she uses it !

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Lovely situation indeed ! Did you ever get into a similar situation ?

And wouldn't you like some good sneezes on top ??

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I havent actually been in that situation but the thought of it would be nice !

I agree that some sneezes would be great.

She would feel the 1st sneeze tingling and would grab her bag, opening it quickly so she can get her hanky out to sneeze into. She would sneeze into the hanky several times often followed by a big wet blow !

The best would be when she sneezes into the big white hanky i have given her !

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I always spray my handkerchiefs with either orange blossom water or rose water, so they smell nice. Wouldn't it be an Awful Shame (not!) to offer such a handkerchief to someone who just happens to be allergic to roses?

[/evil fantasy]

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