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Story: A helping hand (F)


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Mid-summer was always the worst time.

Vikki glanced quickly over at her flatmate, both of them slouched out on the sofa, as she felt the tickle hit again. Tickle was too mild a word, really - this time it felt as though her nasal passages, all the way from her abused sinuses to the delicate edges of her nostrils, were singing with the irritation of the pollen in the air. She took a slightly hitched breath of air, and then her fingers reached up and pinched her long slim nose tightly shut as the sneeze came as a forced "hmmmpt-".

"Bless you", said Alice politely, as though oblivious to Vikki's closed eyes and still-beautiful drooping bottom lip which were waiting for the next sneeze

"hmmpt... hmmmp.... HMMPT-..tew. Thanks..." Vikki snuffled deeply and rubbed her now pink-tinged nose upwards with the heel of her hand Another deep sniff made the sides of her nostrils flex and flare outwards more than the tickles had done, pulling back the fluid in her runny nose.

"No problem - you put up with my cold the other week - and I swear I sneeze like a cow!". It was, Alice reflected, probably true. Her broad snub nose, dusted with freckles at this time of year from the sun, seemed to be capable of the most enormous and embarassing explosions. Alice didn't mention her nose-blows - she was sure that she must have woken Vikki as she honked her nose out into her handkerchief, to clear her head in the middle of the night and get bck to sleep.

Alice got up from the sofa, went upstairs and returned with her box of mansize tissues from her bedroom. Casually tucking a clean tissue up her sleeve out of habit, she dropped the box down on the coffee table in front of Vikki so it was in easy reach for her. Vikki was in no position to take notice of this, however, as her head was tilted back and eyes slitted, in anticipation of the next sneeze.

"HUP - hxnt- - tew..."

Alice noted how Vikki's sneezes reflected her looks - tiny, delicate, restrained. Vikki rubbed her nose upwards again, making a slight crease above the tip appear briefly and disappear again, as she discreetly wiped her hand on her jeans.

"Tissues are there, sweetie - having a rough time?", asked Alice with genuine concern.

Vikki snuffled deeply, and then resorted to another stifled sneeze that was more of a squelch, which was the point at which Alice decided enough was enough. She pulled the tissue back out of her sleeve, spread it out and then folded it over once. She reached over with her right hand to hold the tissue over Vikki's nose. It felt just as fragile as it looked, as Alice held it gently.

She smiled at Vikki, who smiled back with her eyes, dramatic and sparkling as always, despite their reddened irritation, although her lips were hidden from sight by the remainder of the tissue. Alice's left hand moved to support Vikki's head, pushing her shoulder-length brown hair into the nape of her neck.

"C'mon, Vik, have a good blow. Just take a deep breath... and blow!"

Alice's fingers moved to block off Vikki's left nostril, forcing her to blow her right side. The thin, watery mucus clogging her nose bubbled out in to the tissue. Without removing it, Alice skillfully moved her fingers to gently but firmly blow Vikki's left nostril. "And again, deep breath and blow". A slightly gentler, snuffly blow made its way in to the folds of the tissue.

Alice took it away from Vikki's nose with a brief, pinching wipe, folded it over again and placed it back on her friend's pink nose, forming a small white square on either side. "One last time, just to finish off - gently now". Vikki puffed out a final blow, much drier, and Alice declared herself satisfied after givng Vikki's nose one final, twisting wipe and throwing the damp tissue in the bin nearby. "Better?"

They grinned at each other. "Yes, thanks... sorry I'm such a snuffler, I hate the soggy feeling of blowing my nose, but that really helped! Nobody's done that for me since I was about seven years old!" She flicked the tip of her nose upwards with her finger, which Alice had seen her do so many times before when she felt sneezy.

"Well, I'm not going anywhere tonight... ". Alice reached for the box on the table, plucked out another tissue, folded it and tucked it up her sleeve to take the place of the one she'd just used as they both settled back on the sofa...

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I really like this, Rick. I think it's very sweet that Alice is taking care of Vikki. :drool:

Hope you'll add to the story soon. Thanks. :twisted:

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I really like this, Rick. I think it's very sweet that Alice is taking care of Vikki. :drool:

Hope you'll add to the story soon. Thanks. :twisted:

Thanks, Jules!

You're more then welcome to take the characters (under-developed as they are at the moment!) and run with them if you feel inspired and have time to write part two yourself.

Thanks again,


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This is just wonderful! All those allergic hand movements and nasal details and the very erotic f/f assisted nose-blowing.

You can't stop there....surely we are going to get to some mutual nose-blowing, and certainly hear more about the snub, freckled nose and its embarrasssing behaviour...a lot!

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Awesome story rick!! Very hot. I love the fact that you include sneezing in there too! Please continue the story!!!

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Great story! Continuation...? :D

I'm going to have an Azumanga moment here...

"...A dream?" *pulls covers over head* "CONTINUATION!"

I agree, we need a part two, maybe with some sneezes from both girls? Please?



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