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We obviously all know you can't get colds from the cold but it does make for a fun little story doesn't it?

Bobby looked out the window of the classroom at the pouring rain. This was his only class of the day but unfortunately, it

was on the west side of the campus, far from where he worked at the library. He dreaded the long walk over there. It was

almost cold enough to snow and all he had with him was his heavy Princeton sweatshirt. “Damn,” he thought to himself. He

was the kind of guy who didn’t get cold very easily but with the rain, Bobby didn’t stand a chance. The shrill ring of the bell

signaled class was over and he prepared himself for the trek.

The cold icy rain was like a hard slap on the face as he stepped outside from the heated building and as he walked, Bobby

could feel his nose start to run from the temperature. He was shivering violently and was soaked to the bone when he reached

the library and he basked in the warmth as he let the air from the heater caress him softly.

“Bobby, honey, take that sweatshirt off. That is a sure way to catch cold young man,” reprimanded the kindly librarian and he

laughed to himself at the thought.

“Mrs. Richards, I never get sick!” He laughed as he sniffled a bit and went to help a student find a book on psychology. “Right

this way, we have a whole section on t-the the Huptschmph, Heptschmph, Hitschmph,” he sneezed, muffling them in the crook

of his arm leaving a stain on his wine red sweater. “Whew, sorry I don’t know what has gotten into me. Anyways there is a

whole section over here on just the topic you were looking for.” Bobby wandered around helping students and sorting books

for a little while but he felt a growing ache in his head and he sneezed twice more while shelving a book.

He startled as he heard a voice from behind. “Bobby, are you okay? I heard you sneezing and you look ill. Next time you’ll

think to bring a jacket.” He turned around to see Mrs. Richards standing there with a box of tissue. He chuckled which

transformed into a fit of coughing yet he still held up his façade.

“I’b fide, there was a lot of dust back there. We really deed to clead up bore.”

“Honey, blow your nose and go home,” she said gently. He shook his head but she continued. “I’m a mother I know these


“Do, I’b really fide. I dod’t get sick.” He continued to insist but Mrs. Richards wouldn’t have it.

“Go home. End of discussion.”

He finally grabbed his damp sweatshirt and went back to his dorm. It was a suite with a four bedrooms which he was lucky

enough to share with six of his good friends and girlfriend, Blake. There were four boys and four girls and they all got along


“You’re home early, I thought you had work.” Blake said as Bobby entered the dorm. Everyone was sitting around the T.V.

“I got sedt hobe sick.”

“Oh, I’m sorry your sick do you need anything?” asked Rachel.

“I’b dot sick though. I never get sick ever” he said as he sneezed violently into his cupped hands.

“Well you are now,” laughed Brendan.

“Come sit on the couch” Blake said as she patted a spot next to her. Bobby sat down and she put her hand to his

forehead. “You feel a little warm honey, I'm gonna get a thermomteter and take your temperature” she said and he mumbled

incoherently. When she came back with the thermometer he was asleep.

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We obviously all know you can't get colds from the cold but it does make for a fun little story doesn't it?

Absolutely. I really like this. Hope there's more to come...


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Awww, sooo cute! I totally love it when guys "claim" they never get sick, or hardly ever sneeze, and yet, I know better!

Is there more? I hope so! :lmfao: Thanks!

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I hope there's more too. I really like this!! With so many people in the suite, someone else is sure to catch Bobby's cold (we can only hope). ;)

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