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unknown sneezes(f)


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This morning after I get up from my bed, I have open my room's window and immediately I have heard a very cute female voice to scream "AASSSHHIOOOO!!", I'm looking around for find the woman/girl that was sneezing but I haven't seen anyone.

I'm going to close the window when "AAAH-CCHOOOO!!!" and after five seconds "AASSHHIIIIOOO! AASSSHOOOO!!AH..AH..AAAAHH-CHOOOOO!!!!" I start to see in any directions but I can't see who was sneezing...

I'm waiting few minutes for others sneezes but nothing.

I imagine a girl or a young woman that when she opened the window she have a sneeze attack for allergy, or a woman that was beating a dusty carpet outside the window..

(sorry for my bad english..T'm not american)

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I totally understood your English!

It's kind of cool that you didn't see the sneezer. It lets us use our imagination.

Thanks for sharing!

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Nice obs! I didn't see a problem with your english... (although I didn't pay attention to that) *let my imagination sore*

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