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When you meet a girl for the first time on a first date, do you want them to sneeze soon and a lot? Do you hope that they will be a sneezey person? Do you wonder how they sneeze? Do you even try to make them sneeze?

Maybe this should go in Obs.

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Umm well not a girl in my case, a guy. Can I still reply?

Well I am anyway!

I have DEFINATELY been curious with new guys I go out with about their sneezing. With my ex boyfriend I way DYING for him to sneeze to see what I had instore for myself. I was pleasantly suprised and happy.

It can be on my mind a lot for some people, especially someone I'm sexually attracted to. It just adds to that extra part of them that I'm attracted to.

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It's been SOOOOOO many years since I've dated, so I'll try to remember. :huh:

When I was dating, I do recall being anxious to experience each date's sneeze. I've never been picky as far as them being sneezy, and sneezing a lot. I just like to know what it looks and sounds like. In some cases, I was satisfied when it finally happened, and in others, I remember being disappointed. And I do know there were guys I dated who NEVER sneezed. Oh well!

Now, when I meet people now, male or female, I still always wonder what their sneezes are like. Especially people at work. I always hope in the back of my mind that they will eventually sneeze around me and I'll be able to experience it firsthand. And those are always pleasant thoughts.

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I don't, for any of those questions.

Though, I've never actually dated anyone I hadn't been friends with first, but even so, I still don't do any of those things. I prefer imaginary people.

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Haven't dated in FOREVER... but... if I think that a guy is really really cute especially if I see them semi-regularly- I most definately wonder what they sound like and want them to sneeze in front of me. I don't think about it all the time that I see them, but sometimes, and Especially certain situations come up and then that is all that I do. There is still someone that I still think owes me a couple. :huh: *teasing grin*

I've never tried to make anyone sneeze.

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I prefer imaginary people.

ROCK ON! :huh:

But, to answer the question...my now-husband, I didn't have to wait to hear him sneeze.

He was my music teacher and he had a cold on the day he asked me on our first date. That's one of my best memories EVER! Yeah...like I would have said "no" to THAT! :eek: So yeah, I knew what his sneeze sounded like before we were officially dating.

That said, I can't remember really wondering what people's sneezes sounded like when I was dating them. I guess when I am attracted to someone, it doesn't matter. I will like their sneezes no matter what, because I like THEM. Heehee, I had an ex-boyfriend that I repeatedly told him he had a "cute sneeze", because he DID!

I've never actually tried to make someone sneeze on purpose.

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Well for my wife I met her on a luch date and spent a considerable amount of time of the discussion quizzing her about her own allergy and immune onset, and issues (she does have some allergies and poentially interlinked medical issues). Because it was a bit overlapping with my work/expertise she told me it impressed her on many levels and actually helped ge tme subsequent dates. of course I honestly admitted to her I was trying to find out how oftern she sneezed, what allergies she had, etc. to get her talking about it and find out the potnetial for sneeze observatrions early on in dating. We laugh my motivation vs. her impression of thefirst meeting discussions.

When dating in school I did take a couple of HS and college students out knowing they had pollen allergies and it was their season. But it never worked. I once had a tennis date and we decided to go to a concert that evening or two days later when iot wads repeated. For some reason we made it two days later last minutes after tennis. We I picked her up for the date she said she caome off tennis with horrible hayfever and was sneezing all night. She said if we had goen on the same days, she would have been a sneeze challenge for the concert. of course I was kicking myself bif tiem for the missed opportuntity.

Once years ago I tried to get someone to sneeze. Not exactly a date but took a really sexy dancer to a long distance workshop and dance out of town for both of us. I had rubbed some pepper on the passenger head rest (not much but a little). In fact about 10 minutes after picking her up, she sniffed a couple of times and did have one lovely build up and sneeze. No after a couple mnore sniffs nothing for th erest of the marathon trip. So I gues it did it and without being excessive in any way (butr never tried it again and pronbably would not). Other than that I have sometime said goodbye to my cats before leaving to dance with many people where a couple do have cat allergies. Again exposure if any would be minimal since we rotating dancing, but it might lead produce a sneeze (and the cats would be upset if not their given normal and much demanded attention).


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Other than that I have sometime said goodbye to my cats before leaving to dance with many people where a couple do have cat allergies. Again exposure if any would be minimal since we rotating dancing, but it might lead produce a sneeze (and the cats would be upset if not their given normal and much demanded attention).

Personally, that would kind of irritate me. I know that I (and a lot of other people with cat allergy) experience more symptoms than just sneezing: horrible itching, breaking out in hives, difficulty breathing, and sometimes an asthma attack...

Obviously, allergens like cat hair and dander are impossible to avoid totally and are sometimes encountered, but still...

I'd be pretty annoyed if I thought that someone had intentionally done that to me.

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Er, sorry. I think what I wrote came out way more harsh than intended.

I'm just bitter because I am jealous and wish I could have a cat of myself. So cuddly.

I miss my cat. When I developed severe allergies and asthma as a kid, we had to give my cat away.

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In dating lately, no, I haven't been curious about these things (nor have I tried to make my date sneeze), and I've wondered why.

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I just wanted to add, I've never tried to make anyone sneeze besides my husband. And he knew I was going to do it. :(

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I think I have thought about what my dates sneezes would be like on EVERY first date I have ever been on :D Thats always one of the very first thing I do think about after being asked out by a guy "wonder what his sneezes are like :rolleyes: ?"

Of course nothing is better in my eye's then when you amagin what his sneezes are like and then when he do's sneeze you realize you were right on the money :laugh: Thats what happend with me and my boyfriend P, his sneeze was EXACTLY how I amagined it would be :drool: Of course I had to wait almost three months to hear it :(

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hey, i'm about to post something related to this about a kinda problem i'm having! lol! but hell yeah! i just started dating a new guy and the first time he sneezed.... :blushing: he was sat on the side of the bed and he was telling me something then just turned and started hitching breaths like "ah-..heh....excuse...ah.. ah- excuse m.... ah ah...'m gonna snee..ah- gonna sneeze...ah AH- hitisssshhoooooo!!"

i just looked awkward. :drool:

"um, yeah... erm... it was very interesting what you were saying...actually...yes.."

:jerry:^_^:lol::drool: :drool:

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