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Hey Ya'll, I figured I would share this because it was a VERY big deal for me.

I was in a computer animation class at my camp, and there was about 30 students in the room. but this one particular student caught my eye. He is about 15 with long shaggy blonde hair that goes about down to his shoulders. He is a very "punkish" type ( :huh: ) and wears really cool clothing. While I was busy in my program, I glanced a look over to him and saw his face. "what the heck is he doing " I thought to myself. Then, within the next 3 seconds, he burst forward with a "hrrESHOO!" Then, he gave another, "heSHEEW!" Then he laughed it off, and smiled. :eek:

THEN about 5 minutes later, while I was bursting with panty inferno, he sneezed a "HRSHUU!" right into his fist. Then, I saw the most adorable, desperate, presneeze face ever. He gave another one into his fist, and smiled. :blushing: I hope he didnt see my giggling like a maniacial idiot.

Then, the teacher said, " My my my, Dont we have some allergies here?" then the class laughed. I could really get used to going to this camp :twisted:

Hope you enjoyed it!


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Really wonderful ob! I wish I was in a camp with cute, allergy ridden guys! Thanks, though. reminds me of when I was in band camp, many moons ago... ;)

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Guest Posaune

Oh, WOW! Wonderful obs, there, Tubas! He sounds absolutely yummy. Oh, and lucky, lucky you, catching his first sneeze without even meaning to. :)

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Ahhh, the days of Summer camp and cute guys sneezing, those were the best :twisted:

Thank you for sharing your ob and enjoy camp! :innocent:

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what do i have to do to go to camp!! i wanna see hot punkish guys being horrifically wrong multiple times!!


well, since i cant be there to see it, thanks for such a wonderful observation!!! :lmfao: :lmfao:

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*squee* Im glad you like it! :)

I got a couple more from him on the last day of this week. Let me describe him a bit better though,

*Wears skinny ankled jeans

*Shoulder-length blonde hair

*wears hightops

*has an ADORABLE nose :unsure:

Well, I guess he is a little sneezy man >:-) He sneezed 2 times on that day. I remember the first one the best. He sneezed a"hi'schuu!!" into his fist and his loooong beautiful hair swayed with it. :lol:

Then, he gave another one right next to me, where I could feel his sneeze. *melts away*

I luuuuurve camp ^_^.


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