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Ok someone requested this


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It's an original story, not from a fandom. The person who requested it wanted to be annonimous.. so I won't say their name. There is a small snot alert in this..

I had a problem coming up with a good ending though, sorry about that :huh:

Reenie just woke up. She is a pretty young girl with long black hair that goes down to her shoulder blades. Big hazel eyes, and a nose the is small and rounded at the tip. She has the body to accomidate her pretty face. She was in her pj's, a white tank top and red shorts. She puts on her slippers and goes down the stair. She places her hand on the railing and feels a tickle in her nose. She stops in her tracks and starts to rub her nose. She gives a very girly, "HASHOOO!" and finishes going down the stairs. She asumes that it was just from the morning stuffies.

Her mother has prepared brakefast for her, french toast with bacon. Reenie pulls out the wooden chair and sits down. As soon as Reenie grabs her fork to cut her french toast with, she sneezes a stifle, trying not to mmake a big deal, so her mom won't bug her about it. "HAkNTSH!" With a release at the end. Although she tried not to make a big deal her mom still has to bring it up.

Her mom says, "Honey are you ok? You sound like your coming down with a cold." Reenie sniffed, and said,"Mom I'm fine. I only sneezed. It doesn't mean I'm dying or anything."

"Honey I only said your coming down with a cold, not that you are dying." her mom replied in calm tone.

As Reenie's mom said that Reenie felt another tickle in her nose, not wanting her mom to be a bother, she got up and went into the bathroom. "Aren't you going to finish your brakefast?" Her mom called out to her. "Yeah," Reenie managed to say that right before she sneezed again. She tried to stifle so her mom wouldn't hear, "HAknt." That sneeze was very controlled, and luckily her mom didn't hear. Reenie goes back out to the kitchen to finish her brakefast. Reenie coughed alittle bit and then sniffed.

"You definitly sound like your coming down with a cold, you shouldn't go to work today." Her mom said. "Mom, I'm fine," Reenie said in an annoyed manner. Her mom replies," I really don't think that's a good idea."

Reenie just finished eating and didn't respond to her mother. She back up to her room as she felt her nose starting to run. She grabbed a tissue and blew her nose. She said to herself, "I'm not getting sick, mom doesn't know what she's talking about." As she sniffed and gave a cough. She put on her white underwear, and as she was hooking her bra, she suddenly had to sneeze, "HAITSHOOoo!" A very loud yet still girly sneeze, her mom heard and called up the staris, "Bless you! Are sure you still want to go t work?" Reenie replied, "Mom I'm fine!" Reenie finished getting dressed, put on her white blouse, and a minskirt. She walked back down the stairs, and went out the door, without saying good bye to her mom, because she was annoyed with her.

On her way to work, she feels yet another tickle in her nose, with her mom not around she decided to let her sneeze out, "HATSOO!" Right into her elbow and very wet sounding. Sudddenly she felt another tickle, and gave a desperate sounding, "HASHOO, HAITHOO,HAAHCHOO,HAIIISHOO!" Then she gave a quick, "SHOO!" and with snot that flew out her nose. In shock she puts her hand up to her nose. Trying to wipe it away. She sniffs up as much as she can. Still saying to herself, "I'm not getting sick."

As she gets into work, her co-worker and best friend, Dianna askes her, "You ok, your nose is all red?" Reenie gives a quick reply of, Yea- ah-ah.." and then she says, "Yes," and gives a very sudden, "HAknTX!" Try to keep her sneeze under control. Dianna says, "You don't sound ok..."

"Well, I am." Reenie says. "Ok what ever you say." says Dianna shaking her head.

As the day goes on Reenie sits at here desk sneezing, coughing, and just sniffing. She had to blow her nose plenty of times, but still is in denial of having a cold. The boss walks in. He's an old guy bolding on the top of his head, fat, and has a cigar sticking out of his mouth.

"You ok? You sound sick, you've been sneezing all day, and you never sneeze." Says her boss. "I'm fine, just got the morning stuffies."

"Morning stuffies?" Her boss asks, she replies, "Yeah."

"But it's afternoon." Her boss says in responce. "Look if your sick you can go home, you sound awful." Reenie says, "I'm fine..." and stifles seven rapid fire sneezes into the back of her rist, that sounded like, "HATBISH!" With a snot problem she reaches for the tissues and blows her nose.

"I don't want to catch what you have." The boss says in responce to her sneeziness. "I don't have anything."

"Yeah, what ever you say." The boss says as he walks away from her desk.

"I'm not sick," she says to herself. "That's not what it sounds like to me." Says Dianna who heard Reenie muble under her breath. "You should go home."

"I'm fine. Just let me do my work."

"it doesn't sound like you can even do your work, you keep sneezing like crazy."

"Just go and let me be." Says Reenie trying to get Dianna to leave her alone.

Hope it's not to bad...

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No, it's good! Is it complete or is there more to come?


I had a problem coming up with an ending... so I don't think I will be finishing it, sorry.

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