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sneeze style changing during a fit (M)


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This was once again on a suburban railway station, evidently a good place for observing sneezes.

Two men were killing time smoking, waiting for the train. They were about 30, both looking rather neglected and one running to fat. This one seemed to be the "boss" - I couldn't hear what he was saying, but he seemed to be barking orders to his smaller friend.

I think they were on their second cigarette when I heard a "WHROOOSHH!", and saw it was bossguy. They had moved closer to me, and I clearly saw the second sneeze coming - no attempt to hide the expectant look, another "WHROOOSHH!". He started to pace around, but he was facing me when he started building up for a third sneeze, which came out as a drier version of the first two. He continued his pacing so he was quite a way from me when he sneezed his fourth, which was by now quite dry, more like a cough "KHAAAAH". I heard his friend say something about sneezing, but couldnt hear what, and bossguy didnt seem to reply. There were two more "KHAAAAH"s before he eventually stopped sneezing. No nose blow, no ill effects apparent - just six sneezes.

But what interested me was the way the sneezes changed sounds, from quite a wet, sneezy sound to a much more coughlike sneeze; Anyone else noticed change in sneeze quality as the fit progresses ?

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Hmm, that is very interesting, atchoum! I think I do know what you speak of, though. I have a friend at work, who when he does sneeze, are always in fits. Sometimes. they start out really small and get bigger. And sometimes they start out wet, and become not-so-wet.

Very nice obs, though. You get some great ones taking the train all the time, don't you? ;)

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Oddly enough, I observed almost exactly the same thing today . . . a wet sneeze followed by four dry, hacking ones, and then another wet one as a closing parenthesis. I've certainly noticed many people who sneeze in fits with a variety of sounds, but I don't often hear the whole style change in quite that way.

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