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my ex catches a 2nd cold @@@@ I hate this wrong moment


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Today i am gonna be in holiday and my ex will move monday 300km from here away. She rarely sneezes but yesterday we had a goodbye-party. I didnt even know she was there lol, so i forgot my mp3 player. First time she sneezed heee-nn. She stifles most times. 2nd time : We were standing in a shop, in a row. I sneezed 2 times and turned to here. She had moth opened and tried to totally silence the sneeze but she failed and I heard a kggg something like that.

We were sitting in a restaurant when she sneezes again totally silence. I blessed her she said ty. She zneezes later agin and again I bless her, and she asked what, then I explained her that people bless other p[eople when they sneeze. (of course she understanded that.) After that I was talking to my ousin for a while, and when i got back in my seat(with a good view of her) I saw her again sneezing totally without sound. When I blessed her she seemed suprised that i noticed lol.

Sadly, she was planning to sleep with us but because she got a old she couldn't :cryhappy:

Thgere was a lot of sniffling. I <3 this girl. Ill miss her :lol:

Sry for bad typing but i have to go in 1 minute.

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