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construction equals lotsa dust


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my friend and i were at church and we were going to get some coffee but we stopped by the classrooms where they were doing custruction to see what they were doing. my friend and i poked our heads in and these 2 guys were like tearing down a wall and stuff. There was this older guy, and then there was this cute, younger guy with short dark hair, really buff and yeah, he was pretty cute. i'd said hi to him earlier when i walked by. Anyway so my firend was yapping about how what they were actually doing when this guy suddenly looks frantic and sneeze this gorgeous, slightly surpressed "hup-SHOO!" down at the floor, then he sniffs and spits into the trashcan. The other guy says "bless you, man" and he says thanks. Now of course i've tuned my friend out and i'm looking at the guy. then i look away for a second and i hear a "PSHOO! Ugh", i wanted to say bless you, but right after he sneezed he looked over at us and gave me this huge smile that melted me so i no longer had the ability to speak lol.

SweetP :)

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:twisted: God, that sounds adorable!! :innocent:

The stereotypical hot construction worker, huh? Perfect...

I prolly would have jumped him right there...I'm not known for any kind of patience hehe :laugh:

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Very nice obs, love the smile at the end of the second one! Thank you for posting!

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