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Voices in the Shadows Whisper of His Return - (3 Parts)


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Title: Voices in the Shadows Whisper of His Return

Author: Simply_me

Fandom: Harry Potter

Spoilers: It's in Harry's fifth year sort of kind of. It doesn't really have much of the book's plot in it though. I think it's BEFORE the death. Anyway, it's a tribute to the new Order of the Phoenix movie. It’s just some fluff actually. :] But still, look out for a bit of spoilers I might just throw in for effect.

Warnings: Ah, not much I believe.

Notes: Excuse the long title. I just love it. I'm sure you all know who "he" is.

Don’t know? Voldemort duh! :lmfao:


You probably remember me from writing the Draco/Hermoine sneezefic. (Considering it really wasn't long ago. :lmfao: I just couldn't wait to write this one. I'm on a roll creativity-wise.)

I enjoyed writing it.

But it was difficult considering they were from different houses.

So I thought this one would be good if it starred Harry instead. It’s probably a lot easier to write and junk.

Basically it's friendship-related, and how they try to help him through his struggles and emotions. (Plus a cold of course. :lmfao: ) If I seem out of it as I write this, I'm listening to some music. I sometimes zone because of it.

Without further rambling, here it is...


Chapter 1

The rain clouds were just easing their way over Hogwart’s castle. The bare trees stretched their sharp, hand-like branches to the sky. It was almost as if they were threatening to scratch the clouds and release the storm which was quickly approaching. But they didn’t, instead they remained where they were, only swaying a bit with a bitter wind that rocked them like a mother rocking her child. But Harry Potter noticed them still, as he swayed slowly in the air atop his broom. Just the sight of the clouds sent a chill up his spine. Their darkness reminded him of so many things, things he was trying so hard to forget...

"Potter! Pay attention!" Fred Weasley called to him as he tried to catch up with a Slytherin opponent. Harry shook himself from his thoughts. The red-haired twin seemed to be pointing at something, and Harry spotted a flash of gold in the corner of his eye. The snitch was on the move, and that meant he needed to move faster.

Harry turned around, and leaned forward on his broom. Instantly he gained speed, and could almost see the snitch in the distance. The wings vibrated in gold strands, as if a gold rubber band was being stretched and let go. It dizzied Harry to the point where he couldn't really see it anymore, and just relied on sound to guide him to it.

The high-pitched buzzing went this way and that while Harry followed it relentlessly.

Finally it was in front of him, and Harry reached out one gloved hand to snatch it quickly. But the storm had other plans.

BOOM! Thunder shot out like a bullet from a gun, echoing around the Quidditch field with a startling noise. Harry lost focus, and stumbled forward on his broom.

The snitch turned sharply to the left, and Harry, after finally gaining control of his broom, did so as well. He cursed under his breath at having missed it the first time. He wouldn't let the little pest escape him again.

The snitch turned upward now, and once again Harry repeated its actions. The two soared into the sky, into the angry clouds; all the while Harry's arm was outstretched to catch the irritating Snitch.

He felt as if he'd done this so many times, why was it so difficult now?

Something was on his mind...

He couldn't shake it.

"No.." He thought to himself. "Catch the snitch, win the game."

Another bang of thunder rang out, and seemed deafening to Harry.

Rain began to pour on all of them.

The large droplets were like icy knives, and stung his flesh as they shot down from the rumbling clouds.

Each one was bitter, as if they were punishing him. Harry was soon soaked, and shivered as the rain continued to plummet down relentlessly.

He couldn't hear the snitch anymore, but it was definitely in his line of sight. Harry reached out, and grabbed it swiftly.

His fingers closed around it protectively, and he turned sharply downward. Wind whistled past his ears, and gusts of bitter storm threatened to blow him off course.

As soon as he made it into everyone's vision, cheers roared from Gryffindor, while boos and hisses echoed from Slytherin.

Lee Jordan’s voice soon made it's way on the speakers. "Gryffindor has won this match! Good game everyone!" Harry whizzed past, and soon made his way down to the ground.

The locker rooms were full of cheering Quidditch players, and Harry grinned sheepishly despite himself. The Weasley Twins smacked him on the back with loud whoops of laughter, and Harry found himself cheering with all the rest.

Everyone changed, and filed out of the locker rooms. They all prepared for a night of celebration.

Harry, however, was the last one to leave.

He was glad to be out of his muddy, Quidditch uniform and back into his dry robes at last. It was time to head back to the common room for a bit of relaxation, and then some dinner.

But as much as Harry wanted to get back to his old routine, he couldn't seem to keep himself content. He was still horribly angry, horribly upset.

Harry once again dismissed it, and made his way from the locker rooms.

As soon as he stepped out, he felt different.

A pounding headache made it's way into his head, and he felt a bit dizzy.

His throat, which felt normal before, was now scratchy and a bit dry.

Harry cleared his throat, but it didn't help much.

He decided to let it leave his mind for now. Perhaps it was just a small reaction to the cold weather or something.

He made his way to the Gryffindor common room...

Harry stopped in front of the portrait of the Fat Lady. "Hello dear boy, password please." She chirped, and Harry repeated the password.

As soon as he entered, he felt warmer.

The fireplace was roaring with crackling flames, and Harry smiled faintly at the sight. Somehow it always comforted him to come back to something so relaxing. He sighed deeply. Realizing the room was bare from any people. He shrugged his shoulders.

The other Gryffindors were probably in the dining hall waiting for dinner to start. Most left a bit early to get a good seat next to their closet friends.

Harry used to care, but realized it didn't matter much anymore. There were more important things than getting a good seat in the dining hall.

Things that were more dark and depressing.

Harry, after a while, realized he wasn't alone.

Someone mumbled from the couch, and a frizzy-haired girl sat up straight with a yawn. "Harry!" She squeaked, throwing her arms around him in a hug. Harry suspected Hermoine had been waiting for him to come back to the dormitory. "Congratulations at the Quidditch match today. You did wonderfully, especially considering it was raining terribly."

Harry shivered as if in remembrance, and Hermoine frowned with worry. "You ok Harry?" She asked, giving him a stern look.

Harry looked back at her and smiled warmly. "I'm fine."

She relaxed a bit. "Good, I was worrying for a second." She turned away from him, and settled on the couch.

Harry sat beside her, and Hermoine noted that his hair was still wet and plastered to his skin. He definitely didn't look comfortable.

"So where's Ron?" Harry asked, turning his green-gaze towards his companion.

Hermoine rolled her eyes. "Already in the dining hall. You know how Ron is with food." She laughed lightly, and so did Harry.

"You didn't have to wait for me you know." He added, trying to suppress another shiver. Why was he feeling so cold?

Hermoine arched a brow a bit, noticing his voice was sounding a bit scratchy. She decided not to say anything though, remembering how emotional and tender Harry was since his battle with...you know who...

"I wanted to." She responded, matter-of-factly, noticing him shivering again. She wondered how he could be so cold in front of a large fire, and finally brought herself to ask. “Harry, are you cold?" Hermoine had a hard time making herself sound casual, and it came out as a high squeak that only noted to Harry that she was worrying again.

Harry sighed. "No Hermoine, just a bit tired I guess." Luckily a yawn came just in time to emphasize his point. He was feeling rather tired.

Hermoine nodded, deciding not to press the subject. He did have dark circles under his eyes.

Ron had spoken to Hermoine that Harry still had horrid nightmares. The young wizard couldn’t sleep most nights and Ron found him speaking in dreams and moaning so horribly that he had to stir him. “Poor thing..." She thought to herself, suddenly feeling a bit more worried.

"Are you hungry?" She asked, turning to him.

Harry was staring at the fire intensely, as if deeply thinking. Hermoine found him there alone like that sometimes, and she could only imagine what he was thinking about.

"Not really." He said truthfully. It wouldn't work to lie anyhow; Hermoine always seemed to know when you were lying. "I'd like to sleep, but I'll come down anyway so no one worries about me." He added a sharp look at Hermoine, and she smiled. "I'm not worrying." She tried to grin back at him but Harry wasn't buying it, and she eventually sighed with defeat. "Let's go Harry."

The two headed down the stairs, Harry kept trying not to shiver.

He was tired, extremely tired.

He also couldn't focus because of the painful headache attacking his senses.

But besides all that, they found a nice seat next to Ron who was chowing down on mashed potatoes.

"Ello Harry, Hermoine." The redhead grinned, as soon as he had swallowed his mouthful of food. "Nice game Harry, you really showed those Slytherins the meaning of shame. You should have seen Malfoy's face!" The red-haired boy chuckled, waving his fork dramatically as he talked, and Harry grinned from ear to ear.

The three ate, or rather, the two. Harry hadn't seemed to have touched his plate, except for a few bites of vegetables.

He was more interested in the water, which seemed to ease his slightly dry throat. But at the same time, it made him feel colder.

Ron was too distracted in a conversation with Seamus, but Hermoine noticed it right away.

Harry met her gaze for a brief moment, and then shook his head. "Stop worrying." He hissed, and Hermoine frowned. "I can't help it, you know that."

Harry smiled comically at her. "Break the habit Hermoine."

Ron turned to them with a puzzled expression. "Eh? What's going on? You alright Harry?" He asked, looking down at Harry's un-touched plate.

Hermoine gave Harry another look. "Fine, if you're not going to tell him I will." Hermoine spoke sharply, and turned to Ron.

"Harry's feeling a bit ill, that's all."

Harry glared at her with his alluring, green gaze. Hermoine returned it with one of her own.

"I'm not feeling ill. I'm just a bit tired." He spat, sniffling a bit.

His nose was suddenly feeling a bit tickly and itchy. He would have dismissed that too, if his sinuses hadn't protested suddenly.

He couldn't sneeze now, it would just make it open to everyone he was feeling...under the weather.

Ok ok so perhaps he was getting a bit sick. But one head cold couldn't completely destroy him could it?

Only one person could completely destroy him and he didn't even know where he was.

Harry tried to ward off the sneezy feeling, but eventually it blossomed to the point where he couldn't fight anymore. Ron arched a brow at his friend's weird expressions, and then something clicked in his brain.

He shuffled into his robes for a handkerchief, but couldn't seem to find one.

Harry turned away from the two, his eyes fluttering shut as his nostrils flared. He took in a breath shakily, and sneezed into his cupped hands quickly.

"Huhkshhh! HEASHHOO!"

His head bobbed, and Hermoine heard him sigh.

She couldn't help worrying even MORE now. She was about ready to sprint to Madame Pomfrey, but knew Harry wouldn’t be happy with her if she did.

A few heads turned, but other than that no one noticed Harry’s sneezing.

"Just tired huh?" Ron asked sarcastically, and Harry sniffed.

Hermoine rolled her eyes and handed him a clean napkin, which Harry took gratefully. He shivered for the umpteenth time, a teeth-chattering shiver. Hermoine frowned again. “Come on Harry, let’s go back upstairs and get you warm before I explode and run to Madame Pomfrey…”

Ron made a face and turned to Harry. “You better listen to her, she’s not joking.”

So the three made their way up the stairs just as soon as the food had magically disappeared from their plates. No one would notice them leave if they left while dessert was being served.

Harry croaked the password to the Fat Lady once again, and the friends filed inside. Harry shuddered, crossing his arms over tightly his chest in an attempt to keep warm. “A-are you sure n-neither of you are c-cold?”

Ron and Hermoine shook their heads in unison. “You’re ill Harry. It’s that damn Quidditch game they so conveniently scheduled during a blasted thunder storm!” Hermoine spat, guiding Harry to the couch.

Ron gathered up a few blankets and draped them around Harry’s shoulders. He then took out his wand and charmed them with a warming spell. Harry sighed deeply as warmth surged through his aching body. “Hope that helps mate, I’m going to go down and see Madame Pomfrey for some pepper-up potion. If she asks me why you’re not getting it yourself, I’ll tell her you broke your leg.” Ron smirked comically and Harry laughed. Soon, however, he desperately needed to sneeze again. “Heh…” He gasped, turning away from Hermoine who had taken a seat beside him on the couch. “Hupkshhhoo! Eshoo! Eshoo! HEASHHH! Excuse be.” He sniffed; gently taking the tissue Hermoine had tried to offer him during the fit. “Blimey Harry!” Ron called, eyes wide. “If I were to ever sneeze that hard, my head would blow off!”

“Out!” Hermoine shrieked, pointing at the door. Ron chuckled and was gone.

Harry reached out from under the blanket to rub at his nose. It was becoming very pink at the end and Hermoine watched him closely as he tried to fight off another sneeze.

Hermoine narrowed her eyes as Harry continued to scrunch up his nose and pinch his nostrils shut. “Just sneeze Harry, I don’t mind.” She said gently.

“Y-yeah…heh…but I…heh…do…” His mouth quivered as he inhaled shakily. The raven-haired boy bent forward suddenly as the forceful sneeze was successfully stifled. “HNXGT! Ow!” Harry breathed, holding his head and groaning. “For Merlin’s sake don’t do that! You’ll hurt your ears.” Hermoine snapped.

Harry moaned again, massaging his temples with his fingertips. “Don’t yell Hermoine…” The last part of the sentence ended with a yawn, and Harry snuggled into the couch. Hermoine watched as his eyes sagged as he stared at the flickering flames of the fire. “Get some sleep Harry.” She whispered, debating whether or not to help him get to his bed or let him sleep on the couch.

Finally she decided that the couch was best. It was nearest to the warm fire, and he wouldn’t have to move.

“Don’t have to tell me twice…” Harry sighed sleepily, and was soon lying on his side as sleep consumed him.



Depends if you like it or not. It's just a muse anyhow.

Anyway I'm going to be gone for a while celebrating my dad's birthday. I'll be back on Sunday. Don't miss me too much. :lmfao:

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OMG!!! now, i really liked the draco/hermoine story...but i LOVE this one! the dynamic is so perfect! the interactions..eveything!! simply splendid!!!!! oh please do continue, we likes it a lot!!

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OMG!!! now, i really liked the draco/hermoine story...but i LOVE this one! the dynamic is so perfect! the interactions..eveything!! simply splendid!!!!! oh please do continue, we likes it a lot!!

Oh, I agree! Very nice. Is this set after Sirius's death? But before the end of the year? I don't really get why he was playing Quidditch, if that's the case...


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Oh, I agree! Very nice. Is this set after Sirius's death? But before the end of the year? I don't really get why he was playing Quidditch, if that's the case...



I really don't understand it either. It's basically just some fluff I threw together.

I had to have a reason why he was sick right?


I don't think it's after the death. It might be before that...

but Harry is still thinking about Voldemort's return.

Just X out anything you might think is referring to the death...

Harry's just upset because his enemy is on the move.

Oh and thank you for your support. :(

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Ugh, I hope the characters stay in character.

I also hope my plot doesn't go KRRSPLATTTT!!!

But we'll see won't we?

Don't tell me anything that happens in the seventh book by the way.

I just got it. :(


Chapter 2

Black, black and swirling voids of darkness.

That's all Harry could see...

Suddenly he felt cold, and two eyes he recognized all to well swelled inside his head. That face that reminded him so much of snake, was mocking him now. Laughing with hatred.

"HARRY POTTER!" A voice hissed, and a shrill scream carried on throughout the darkness.


Harry woke with a start, panting breathlessly. Sweat dripped down from his forehead like a waterfall, and he felt as if his shirt was now a second skin.

But strangely he still felt cold, terribly cold.

"Harry!" Hermoine hissed, and Harry saw that she had been standing by the couch the whole time.

Her face was a mix of worry and confusion; Harry reached for his glasses by the end table and slid them over his green eyes.

"You were...having nightmares again."

Harry was still breathing deeply, and found that he couldn't breathe through his nose now and was forced to use his mouth.

"I saw him."

"Saw who?"

"Voldemort..." Harry breathed, eyes wide with horror.

Hermoine cringed, and Harry scowled. "I can say his name Hermoine. Dumbledore told me a long time ago that it makes the feared even MORE scary if you choose not to say his name." He sniffed, cautiously running a hand underneath his tickling nose.

Hermoine sighed. "I don't get it, and I don't think I want to." She picked up a wet cloth from a water basin beside the couch and wrung it out.

She reached over in an attempt to dab his seating fore-head with it, but Harry stopped her.

"Really Hermoine, I'm alright."

"You certainly didn't look alright a moment ago...” she argued, locking him with a cold and mother-like glare.

"You're worrying!" He groaned.

"I know!" She shrieked, and Harry clamped his hands over his ears.

"Sorry..." Hermoine said exasperatingly, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Are you sure you don't want to see Madame Pomfrey?"

Harry sighed, lying back against the pillows Hermoine had recently propped up for him.

"No." He sniffed, feeling a persistent tickle grow to the point where he felt a sneeze.

"No I'm perfectly...per..." Hermoine watched as his eyes grew unfocused for a moment, and he turned away to sneeze into the crook of his arm.


"Bless you Harry." Hermoine said gently, but Harry's face screwed up again to signal he wasn't done.

"Eshoo! ESHOO!"

Hermoine snagged a tissue only to see Harry's eyes fluttering shut once again with concentration.

"Harry, are you o-"


The raven-haired boy's head bobbed deeply with the intense sneeze. Hermoine heard him sigh.

"Bless you!" She breathed, handing him the whole BOX of tissues. Harry snuffled into them gratefully, blowing his nose softly. He wouldn't bring himself to a honking blow in front of Hermoine, even if she would bother him about it later.

Thought he DESPERATELY needed to clear the congestion from his head.

"Thags Herboine" He sniffed, voice sore and layered with congestion. Harry shivered, clutching the large blanket more firmly around him.

Just then Ron crashed into the room, looking fiercer than the storm that raged outside. "Stupid Slytherins and their stupid petty little...I'll kill them all I swear I...those empty-headed gits think they can..."

The red head muttered under his breath, pacing back and forth. Harry was disappointed to see that his hands didn't bear any pepper-up potion, or perhaps a note from Madame Pomfrey.

But he did bear scars, and burnt clothing. Ron was battered and beaten from head to toe.

Harry arched a brow with a quizzical expression.

"Ron!" Hermoine shrieked, and Harry had to clutch his head for the umpteenth time.

"What? Oh...sorry. I ran into Malfoy on the way to Madame Pomfrey...um...let's just say we sort of battled it out with words and then wands...Well..."

Ron motioned to his scars and burnt clothes. "Spells mostly backfire when I use them don't they?" He muttered, hanging his head with guilt.


Hermoine rushed up from tending to Harry and inched her face closer to Ron's menacingly.

Harry screamed with pain and rolled off the couch.

He propped himself up on his elbows with an angry expression.

"Ugh, Herboine!"

"Sorry Harry..." She called over her shoulder, but obviously she didn't much care at the moment.

"How could you? Incompetent...you could have been caught or...expelled. Ron...how...why?"

Hermoine was muttering as severely as Ron had the moment before. She rounded on him again after a while of pacing.

"Were you seen?"


"Are you sure?"

"Yes, yes I'm not an idiot!" He snapped defensively.

"From the looks of it I can't say you can defend yourself with THAT statement." Hermoine snarled.

"Ouch." Harry muttered, but it wasn't his throbbing head this time.

"Shuddup Harry." Ron squinted his eyes at the smirking boy.

Hermoine groaned. "I don't understand. WHY would Malfoy put himself in jeopardy of being expelled over a petty fight?"

Ron shrugged. "Dunno. People do stupid things when they're angry."

Hermoine arched a brow and both Ron and Harry gulped in unison. "You can say that again...Now get changed before I really bust a vessel..."

"As if you haven't already..." Ron grumbled under his breath as he shuffled away.

After Ron was changed into proper clothing, all sat on the couch silently after that. Everything was quiet except for a few sneezes, coughs, and groans from Harry every once and a while.

"So you couldn't get me any pepper-up potion?" Harry croaked, turning to Ron.

Ron looked at his hands.

"Sorry Harry...you know how Malfoy is. Stupid, smirking little..."

"Ron." Hermoine sighed, resting her head in her hands.


"Still trying to swallow the fact that you weren't expelled."

Harry noticed that tone, and cringed as he prepared for another bickering-fest. He regretted starting a conversation at all.

"Hey! I'm still here aren't I? I wasn't caught!"


"HEASHOO!" Harry was grateful for the sudden sneeze into his cupped hands, it stopped the two from fighting and they turned away from each other. Each fumed over the other silently.

"Bless you Harry..." Hermoine said finally, sinking back into the couch.


Ron sulked, running a hand through his red hair.

Harry sniffed. "Cad we all be friends again...please?" He smiled warmly at them.

Harry fell asleep again a little while later, and it was Ron's turn to watch over him as Hermoine dozed in the armchair.

Thunder boomed outside the castle, and Ron looked out the window as more rain poured down.

He'd find a way to get back at that idiot Malfoy...

Even if it meant breaking a few rules...


Uh-oh, what's Ron going to do? :drool:

Sorry if this part was weak and short.

It will get better I promise.

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i am really really really loving this! everything is just wonderful! even ron and his magical malady!! the sneezing is brilliant, the plot is just pulling me in!! please more!

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Question: Are you like... the evil version of me? :proud:

Your avatar... lol...

( I suppose I'll go read the fic now...)

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Question: Are you like... the evil version of me? :laugh:

Your avatar... lol...

( I suppose I'll go read the fic now...)

Ha...evil version?

-cackles- ahem No, why do you ask?

Just kidding. :P

Anyway, sorry I haven't been on. Yesterday I was at a friends house and I'm so TIRED. :rolleyes:

I'll try and write some more tonight.

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Sorry this took so long. I had zero time to do it before, but here comes part three. :lol:


Chapter 3

"Harry...Harry wake up!"

Harry felt a hand on his shoulder, rocking him back and forth severely. His head throbbed, his throat was dry and scratchy, and the nap didn't seemed to have helped at all.


He blinked a few times, green eyes weary. Everything was in a blur and he realized his glasses were on the end table once again.

He picked them up, and slid them on his face.

Hermoine was peering at him with a horrified expression.

"What? What is it?" He asked quizzically.

Hermoine took no time to answer.

"Ron isn't here!"

Harry looked around with wide eyes and indeed the redhead wasn't present.

"Where did he go?" He asked, thinking it was quite a stupid question. If Hermoine knew where he'd gone, she wouldn't be shaking Harry so severely to tell him of his disappearance.

But whatever Hermoine's reply was going to be, it was cut short.

"Follow me."

Harry stood up from the couch, and almost fell over from the pounding pain attacking his senses.

Hermoine grabbed his elbow for support.


Hermoine nodded, and ran to fetch the invisibility cloak before the two dashed out of the Gryffindor tower.


Harry knew Hermoine was a smart girl, she probably must have figured out what Ron's intentions were.

As to where Malfoy and Ron were planning to duel, that was a mystery.

"That idiot! He'll be expelled!"

Hermoine muttered under her breath, wrapping the cloak around herself and Harry's trembling form.

Indeed, Harry was entirely cold all over. In fact, he was freezing.

Hermoine could just see his arms prickling with goosebumps, and pushed a little closer to her friend.

"Try to stay warm." She whispered, locking him in another worried gaze.

"Will do." Harry replied, looking about the empty castle with wide eyes.

They silently crept along the corridors, Hermoine jumped as another boom of thunder rang outside of the castle.

Harry, from many experiences sneaking out after dark, knew his way around Hogwarts castle.

"Professor Snape, I highly doubt that swelling, Gryffindor boy was entirely by accident." A high-pitched voice snapped, and Harry only recognized it as the head of Gryffindor house. No one could miss that razor-sharp voice.

"Professor McGonagall, I assure you, If I ever wanted to torture a student I would use a more satisfying curse." Snape slurred darkly.

Both Hermoine and Harry froze before realizing once again they couldn't be seen. The two Gryffindors peered around and saw the professors in a conversation. They were blocking the way to the entrance hall, and Harry and Hermoine could only wait until the two had moved on. Better safe than sorry...

But that was the least on Harry's mind, for his tickling nose protested at the most inopportune moment.

"Heh...heh...HEH..." He gasped, eyes squeezing shut.

Hermoine was about to glare and hiss, "Be quiet", but she didn't. Instead, she saw Harry's desperate expression and began to fumble in her robes for some sort of handkerchief.

Harry almost groaned with dismay as her hands came back empty.


"Don't sneeze Harry!" Harmoine whispered pleadingly.

Harry, unable to reply, pinched his nostrils shut tightly and remained there. His eyebrows were furrowed with concentration, his pale features accented by the shadows.

"Professor," McGonagall continued, "I can't help but wonder if you're keeping something from me. Tell me, did you curse one of my students?"

"Please understand that Mr. Longbottom is not entirely the most diligent student. He has quite a hard time paying attention in class. Perhaps he mixed two wrong ingredients and the end result was a rounder face. However, he could have just gotten a bit too irritating for a certain individual." Snape seemed to grin, his plastic-like features rising with the action. "As to who that individual is...I'm not quite certain."

McGonagall threw up her hands with defeat, and clip-clopped back to her classroom.

Snape, however, lingered about for a few more moments.

Those moments were agonizing for Harry.

"HEH!" Harry gasped suddenly, trying so hard to hold the sneeze in. But he DESPERATELY needed to sneeze.

He had never felt the need to sneeze so strongly before.

Hermoine pushed him backward forcefully, and Harry sneezed violently into his sleeve.

"HACHUMPT! NXGHT! eshhhh! ESHHH! HESHHHHHHH!" The tickling died down for a bit, and Harry looked up suddenly. His eyes were watery from the sneeze attack, and Hermoine continued to shove him backward as Snape suddenly pulled out his wand.

"Who's there? Show yourself!" He sneered, raising his wand threateningly.

They continued backward, Hermoine had now gripped her hand over Harry's mouth and nose, lest he sneeze again.

Snape continued to follow them down the corridor, and Hermoine pressed them to the wall to allow Snape to pass.

As soon as they were sure he was gone, Hermoine let go of Harry's nose.

The boy wiggled it comically and Harmoine smiled. "Sorry." She mouthed and they continued forward again.

Harry's mind was still at work wondering where Ron could have gone.

Then suddenly, they saw a flash they were sure WASN'T lightning.

It was blue, and it was outside.

Obviously from a spell of some kind.

It HAD to be outside in the freezing rain?

Harry almost moaned as sadly as Myrtle.

The entrance hall was as large as ever, and Harry felt like a small ant as he crept about it with Hermoine.

As they expected, the front doors were locked.

But Harry knew Hogwarts far better than most of his peers, and he also knew that Fred and George had found a secret passage that led outside.


"Malfoy!" Ron snarled, pulling out his wand to the blackness. Rain poured down in buckets of icy drops. "Come out you foul rat!"

Three large forms exited from the shadows, wands at ready.

"Well, well Weasley. Come back for more?" That was Malfoy, his lip was raised in a sneer as usual.

Ron bared his teeth, a voice in the back of his head telling him that this was too stupid to follow through with. He would be expelled!

Malfoy, however, would possibly remain safe.

Snape would surely see to it that Malfoy stayed in Hogwarts...


Or perhaps he would find away to remain innocent and keep out of trouble. He always seemed to do so.

But at the same time, revenge on Malfoy would be all too sweet.

Even if Ron didn't have someone to defend him during his punishment.

"Mobilicorpus!" Ron shouted, and Malfoy was lifted off his feet and into the air. Ron grinned with satisfaction as Malfoy struggled under his spell. He rammed him down on the ground, into trees and walls.

"Put me down Weasley!" Draco snarled, gripping his wand now and pointing it straight at Ron.

"Waddiwasi!" He yelled, and a large rock went hurling at Ron with full force.

He was hit squarely in the head, and toppled to the ground.


The statue was still there, as expected.

The secret exit was still there.

Hermoine and Harry almost sprinted down the steps of the exit but thought better of it.

Eventually, they were outside.

Rain poured from the angry clouds and spilled upon them both. Harry was shivering violently now and Hermoine knew nothing could be done to help him now.

Another flash of blue lit up the sky, and the two followed it curiously.

Hermoine had now taken off the cloak and was carrying it softly.

Harry was pitching forward with every sneeze.

"HESHOO! ISHHOO! HEASHOO!" He sniffed wetly into his sleeve, and looked up suddenly.

Ron, Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle were all present at the duel. Ron, foolishly alone, was crumpled in a heap near them.

Malfoy hadn't gotten out of the match clean though; blood trickled from a large gash on his forehead. He was also bruised in many places.

Goyle was pointing his wand at Ron's weakened form as if expecting him to jump up and continue the fight.

But he didn't, he lay there.

"Ron!" Harry yelled, running to his friend's aid. The redhead was mumbling with confusion, a large bump residing on his head.

Hermoine had taken out her wand, pointing it straight at Malfoy's smug face.

It was all-too familiar.

"Get out of the way Granger, I was just about to finish Weasley off. Poor guy though, he can't afford a proper funeral." Malfoy laughed mockingly, and Harry looked up from Ron to glare at him.

"Piss off Malfoy." He croaked, breaking off into a harsh fit of coughing.

Hermoine cringed, and Malfoy sneered even more intensely.

"Look at 'the boy who lived' now! He can't even get over a silly head-cold!" Malfoy turned to Crabbe and Goyle and chuckled. All three were laughing now.

"Shut up!" Harry snarled, reaching for his wand but Hermoine stopped him.

"Let them go Harry, it's not worth it. Let's get Ron inside."

Harry narrowed his eyes at Malfoy before struggling to lift Ron from the ground.

They pulled him through the mud and slime, finally reaching the place from which they had come.

How were they going to explain this to the professors?

Perhaps they wouldn't have to, if they could get Ron upstairs in time.

"HEASHOO! ASHOO! ugh..." Harry continued to sneeze, and shuddered. Hermoine watched his teeth chatter violently.

They were all soaking wet.

They pulled Ron out of the secret exit, propping him up to a standing position. Ron's head rolled from side to side, as they dragged him by his arms.

Hermoine made sure the invisibility cloak covered them both.

But fortunately for them, all the professors lurking about the halls were gone.

Harry still wasn't convinced though, and held a fist under his nose as another sneeze threatened to explode from him.

Hermoine watched him intensely; he was sniffing horribly now and looked even paler. He was as white as a sheet.

The cold weather wasn't good for his health.

They soon made their way to the Gryffindor tower, ready for one of the professors to barge in and expel them all.

But many minutes passed, and no one came.


Harry sneezed, reaching for a tissue to relieve his running nose.

Hermoine pointed her want to ignite the fire-logs in the fireplace.

It didn't seem to help Harry though, because he still shivered violently.

They both settled Ron's unconscious form onto the couch, while Harry took the armchair.

Hermoine picked up the blanket, and charmed it with a warming spell.

Harry groaned with pain. He felt achy all over, his nose was now running violently, and his headache seemed to have intensified.

Hermoine rested the palm of her hand on his forehead and drew back sharply.

His fever was now searing hot!

Hermoine couldn't help it; she glared at Ron's sleeping form from across the room. "This is all your fault." She muttered, walking into the next room to retrieve a basin of cool water and a washcloth.

But even if the consequences were dire, all three friends would look out for one another.


TBC? This might be the end.

Ugh, I don't have any more creativity. :winkkiss:

This was weak.

I promise I'll get to work on a new one. But I'll take more time to work on it.

THIS time, I'll think about the plot a bit more.


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Ooooh, I've been outta town for college orientation, so this is the first time I've been on in a week. And I love this story! I'm in such Harry Potter freakout mode right now lol and, despite my busy trip, the Deathly Hallows is almost finished. :lol:

Anyway...the end? But...why? Haha I love where this story is going right now. One of my favorite things is a character forgetting his own health and becoming sicker while trying to protect or care for a loved one. I really do wish you'd keep going!! :winkkiss:

Much Love,


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Guest Amoris

I agree with Rika, it would be wonderful if you would keep going, I've been following your story eagerly since you posted it. :) What happens to Ron? And how does Harry fare? Obviously I understand when the creative juices stop flowing, and I would gladly read any different story you write if you chose to end this one. :drool:

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But it will probably stink. :dead:

Doubt it! Don't force more, but I would love to see some if you can manage it. I love Harry helping Ron even though he's sick...I'd love to see classes the next day or something...


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But it will probably stink. :)

Doubt it! Don't force more, but I would love to see some if you can manage it. I love Harry helping Ron even though he's sick...I'd love to see classes the next day or something...


The classes!

Ooo you little genius.

That gives me an idea.

I'll write some more. ^_^

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God, I tried writing the next part.

But it's CRAP.

I'm sorry, but i've lost my muse. :huh:

I'm really sorry guys.

I'm going to get to work on another fic though. (Harry Potter because I'm not yet done obsessing with it.)

Thanks for sticking with me when I was writing this. I appreciate it. :wacko:

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