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Rest Stop Sneeze


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I don't usually care about or write about female sneezes, but for people who like that, I thought I'd post it.

I was coming home from a family trip yesterday and we stopped at a rest stop for a while. I had my door open to get some fresh air and could see everyone walking around. I spotted this lady who looked like she was in her early to mid-thirties. She was thin with a cute little reddish bob haircut, clothes that made her look like a rich person (don't ask me why), and she was walking two little dogs, probably to let them do their business before getting back in the car. She disappeared for a while and then I watched her walk back to her car, minus the dogs. She got really close to our car so she was in plain view when I saw a possible pre-sneeze expression. For some reason, I looked away for a split second, but when I looked back, sure enough, her hand flew up to her face. She didn't touch her hand to her mouth or nose; she just held it there. She squinted and then let out this coughing sound with a very girly, high-pitched "SHOO!" to let me know it was indeed a sneeze. It was like "ecch-SHOO!" with a little pause in-between. I'm telling you, it was the cutest female sneeze I had ever witnessed. It was just a single. She was facing the bright sun, so I'm almost positive she was a photic sneezer. Then she got back in her car and I never saw her again.

Hope you enjoyed that little treat!

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Hope you enjoyed that little treat!

Yes, I did, and thanks for taking the trouble!

I like those little add-on "SHOO!" noises that some women make as if to make sure you know they've just sneezed. Are they part of the sneeze or not?


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