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Teasing Fit (self obs F)


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I was relaxing here in my apartment flipping channels, when out of nowhere I just started sneezing. I would have gotten up and recorded them, but looking back…I’m glad I didn’t, because what followed my small fit of about 6 was something that just wasn’t going to be worth recording at all.

My sneezes began to slow down and tease me a whole lot. I was probably pulling all kinds of hilarious “pre-sneeze” faces because they just wouldn’t come out. I definitely had the tickly sneezy feeling still deep inside my nose, but each sneeze thereafter the fit of six took at least 2-3 minutes to build up. I’d tip my head back and look at the light, or just sniffle a lot and pant to try to get the sneezes going, but it was no use.

So every 2-3 minutes I’d sneeze, and I’d guess that due to the long build-up these sneezes were huge, and took a lot out of me. I lost count of how many times I sneezed like that, but it was a good number of times.

Just thought I’d share. :winkkiss:

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Yum yum. Those pre-sneeze faces must have been not hilarious but simply gorgeous. Oh for a camera.

And huge sneezes to boot .

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