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Holy crap, a poll!?!?  

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  1. 1. Whenever you feel the need to say "bless you," how do you sound?

    • Compassionate
    • Incredulous
    • Sexual
    • Annoyed
    • Nonchalant
    • Playful
    • Polite
    • Pleased in a non sexual fashion
    • Suggestive
    • Concerned
    • Habitual
    • Something Else

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Whee, voting! :P

I had to put "annoyed"!! I think I have said so many times that people are probably sick of me saying it, that I was NOT raised to say "bless you", don't understand the concept, and therefore don't say it. But I have been around one or two people (notably, an ex-boss) that think it is the rudest thing EVER to not say it and actually DEMANDED that I say it to them.

So...it does not really embarrass me to say it. I don't mind. But I get pissed off when people ORDER ME to do something. I also get pissed off when people call me rude and impolite. So...when someone says "What? Don't you have any manners? Tell me 'bless you'!" they are not going to get it said in the nicest tone of voice! Sure, I'll say it but the underlying tone will be "up yours"!


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I chose polite, but if it's someone I'm close with it would be compassionate. :cry:

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I didn't vote, because my tone of voice while blessing someone depends upon the person, and the context.

Most people in the world I do not bless, because saying "bless you" to someone is, for me, fraught with meaning. I do bless my son and selected male friends.

My son? I use a cheery tone of voice, conveying that the sneezes were no big deal.

Male friends? Purringly. . . . :cry:

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I chose the last option, because it depends on who sneezed. If it's a family member, like my parents, sister, etc., I do it out of habit and it comes out sounding annoyed. If it's my kids, I think it comes out sounding polite.

Now, if it's someone I'm close to, it just depends on the situtation as to how it sounds. I have sounded anywhere from compassionate, to overtly sexual, to pleased. I mean, how I react is dictated by the person, place, and how many other people we are around. He he. I try not to be overtly sexual in public, but I know I've done it before. I've also joked about it in groups of people where everyone knows. :cry: So, my "bless you" is always kind of different.

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I'm not counting typing bless you, or circumstances where I've felt "forced" into a mumbled blessing. I only bless the s.o. and while it may the way that I say it may not sound to other people as suggestive it most definately is. There are a few guys that if I got up the guts to say "bless you" to them it would most definately also fall into that category. Hopefully they would be blissfully unaware of the way that I was saying it *must be a sneaky evil freak :cry::bawl:*

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I usually bless out of a sense of politeness and sometimes necessity, although sometimes I think I sound a little too eager to bless and it might come off as suggestive or sexual if the sneezer is really sexy.

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I went for compassionate and polite, but also something else because from time to time I like to add in a little bit of "enjoyable surprise" to my blessings. Not in a ridiculous over the top way, but just a slight "wow, where did those hot sneezes come from?" Not that I think people get the hot part. Anyway - that's my blessings, and only some people get them.

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Dang; I've already forgotten what i put, but it was multiple and included pleased in a non sexual way and other, because clearly [for them that have ears to hear] it is really in a sexual way. But the word I would use is " congratulatory"; I try to get into my tone the undoubted fact that for me they have performed a miracle of wonderfulness that they should be congratulated on.

Perhaps with very special emphasis on either Bless or less likely You. Full of praise for their accomplishment.

I should add that I wasn't brought up to bless and used to be very shy about it. But essentially no one is really going to think it odd even if you really make a meal of it, unless perhaps you faint or get very damp.

And it can at the very least get a verbal reaction or even start lovely sneezy conversation; I suspect that for most people it almost reassures them that it's all right to sneeze; so they may be less likely to hold back, stifle etc. They probably like being blessed, or at least don't mind it. Even if they are awful atheists it may start a conversation along those lines. Can onlyGod bless one in a secular world; yet lots of people can forgive, it seems. Or other authorities and higher powers.

But I ramble.

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oh most definately playful...as anyone who has had the pleasure of sneezing around me knows...i enjoy to tease and be incredibly silly. :proud: very rarely i will be sexual in nature...and even then it will be in a playful manner...

i love to bat my eyelashes, and whisper the blessing in a soft and slightly sexual voice, and then say something incredibly goofy to ruin the potential moment.

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Now that i'm confident nobody would suspect I would have a fetish for sneezing, i like to say bless you sometimes to friends and people at school, and sometimes even toy around talking about sneezing, etc :laugh:

It's still a bit awkward with some people, and i NEVER bless family :proud: Urrr...

But i say it in a polite, but dismissive way. I like saying bless you becuase it encourages sneeze conversation like:

blesser: bless you

sneezer: thankyou. Urgh, i've been sneezing a lot lately.

blesser: why? :innocent:

etc.... :laugh:

Without the "bless you" conversations like this would rarely happen for me. I dont know why, but i love talking about sneezing or listening to sneeze conversations. Especially with oblivious people :nohappy:

And not many people i know would sneeze, then talk about it without some sort of "seed" to start that sort of subject in coversation.

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