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He sent me a voicemail sneeze...how do I put it on my computer?


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My guy has decided to start calling me and leaving a message when he sneezes, is there a way I can transfer the voicemail message from my phone onto my computer as a sound file?

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Wow, I know me and someone else on this forum wished there was a way, but neither of us knew at the time how to do it. I'm not the most computer savvy person, so I am still not sure. But, aren't there websites that can turn recordings into ringtones? So maybe there's a website that can convert something like that? I'm not sure, once again, no help as usual. :winkkiss:

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Yes there are several ways - is it on yoru cell? If so there exist many different software programs which would allow you to plug your phone in to your computer and download the file, or you could play it in front of your microphone on your computer and capture it as a wav.

My darling sends me all of his sneeze fits as attachments to my cell (I have a razor and T-Mobile) and in this manner I can save them all to my computer.


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This may or may not be helpful depending on what type of cell phone you have, but some phones have either USB or SD memory card capability and if that is the case then it is just a case of either removing the SD card from your phone and inserting it into a card reader, (assuming your computer has one of these, else card readers can be bought quite cheaply. If you're lucky enough to have a phone with USB capaility, then all you need to do is just plug it into the computer and move the sound file to it. The phone will show up as a removeable drive. If neither of these scenarios apply, then as mentioned, there is software available to deal with the situation.

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