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Work Obs From Last Night- 1 Female, 1 Male


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So, last night when I got to work, I found out that I was working with my favorite Assistant Manager ever, Eric. That alone made the night seem much better than I originally thought it would be, because I knew I wasn't working with any of my other friends. To re-describe Eric, since it's been quite awhile since I've written any obs about him, he is 6'6" kind of a big guy, with black spiky hair, a trimmed moustache and goatee, dark brown eyes that really sparkle, a tiny little button nose, and a wicked sense of humor. He's so much fun, it's a shame I got paid to work with him last night, because it wasn't like really working! :hug: Maybe about 15 minutes after I got there, Eric was sitting on one of the stools we have over at Special Services, and we were all standing around talking. Right after he'd finished answering a question, and I was glad I was looking at him when this took place, he got that "special look" on his face. The eyes started to squint, and he took in a short, nearly in-audible breath, turned to his right side, and threw his arm in front of his mouth and nose. The thing was, it looked like he sneezed, but it sounded like a very soft cough. So, I was a bit confused, and said nothing.

Later on, I had my chance to ask, but before that, here is the other ob that happened in between:

I've mentioned our front end supervisor, we call her Lisa with the hot daughters. Well, Lisa wasn't at work last night, but one of her "hot daughters," Stephanie, now works over in paint. And, after the whole did Eric sneeze or not incident, I was standing there, kind of zoning out, but happened to be in the right place to hear Stephanie when she sneezed. I knew it was her, because there weren't even any customers over in paint when it happened. Now, the sneeze wasn't quite as forceful as Lisa's, but it did sort of sound a bit like her. Plus, knowing that Lisa usually sneezed in doubles or more, I watched Stephanie, and she bent over with a second, more forceful and sounding more like her mom, "HUH-ASSSHHHUUUUUU!" I was too far away to bless, but enjoyed the fact that A) Daughter is a bit like mother with her sneezes, and :twisted: Even hot chicks sneeze. And trust me, she is hot, everyone says so. She's one of the reason Lisa has her nickname. And even all of the women I work with agree on the hotness factor. Oh, and her sneezes were extra cute, because she had her light blonde hair all pulled back into a ponytail that flopped when she sneezed!

All right, back to Eric. It drove me nuts for about two hours whether or not he'd sneezed. He does know about my fetish, because we talk about all sorts of inapproproate things managers and associates probably shouldn't, but he's just like one of us, and I forget and treat him as such. It's cool because he's the same way with a lot of us. So, in the back of my head, I kept wondering why if he had sneezed, he didn't smile or acknowledge it. Which made me think it was either not a full sneeze, sicne I've had those myself, or that he coughed instead. We happened to be sitting in the phone center, hanging out and joking around. He was showing off his new Razr, since he hadn't had a cell phone in a couple of years. And finally, I just said, "So, I have to ask you something that's bugging me." His eyebrows raised and he smiled devilishly (his grin is so deviant and wicked, I love it!). "Earlier, when you were sitting on the stool, did you cough or was that a sneeze?" He threw his head back and laughed and said, "I did sneeze." I was like, "Oh, I thought so but it was hard to tell, and I barely heard anything." Then, he told me a story, about the night I wasn't at work.

He said that on Monday night when I was off, he thought of me. I guess he had three episodes, where he sneezed anywhere from 6 to 8 times in a row. And he said he wasn't sure what it was, and couldn't pinpoint what had made him sneeze like that. I got all sad and couldn't believe that I missed out it. He thought it was cute that I was pouting, and reminded me that he did think of me when he sneezed. So, to me this fetish can be lots of fun, even with my manager!

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Too bad you missed Eric's sneezy shift! How nice that he thought of you, though . . . maybe next time he'll call you up so you don't miss anything :twisted:

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I like this ob! You are so lucky, I'm so envious of you! Always with the good luck you have... but I have none :sleep2:

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Very interesting, as always ! Is Eric another example of a big man with a small sneeze ? The one you "missed" must have been tiny for you to mistake it!

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