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Houndoom-It's a Pokemon


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Okay. I have discovered I enjoy drawing Pokemon. This one was suggested to me. It was suggested it be sneezing from pepper so I came up with this idea. Since it's a dog-thing: how do dogs explore their environment? By smelling it? Gee, what's that interesting thing on the ground? Could it be a dropped pepper shaker?

Oh Houndoom, don't get too curious! laughing.gif

I know there was a couple other suggestions since my last one, and I'm working on some of them. I'm open to hearing which ones people would like to see, but don't get your feelings hurt if I don't do yours. I'm a pretty busy KawaiiKitty these days, and I pretty much only draw the ones that interest me the most. I know that's a pretty mean and selective way to do it, but I just don't have time for requests the way I used to.

Ah, I think it may not look exactly like itself...sometimes it's hard to get it right! >_<



Sorry it's not coloured. Sometimes I can do a comic, or a coloured picture but both can be too time consuming. Still, enjoy the comic-y goodness!

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Guest SneezeWolf

Oh my, a devil dog! Wow, reminds me of a ton of my own experiences with dogs LOL :twisted: Except the tables are turned this time!

Great drawings! Hope to see more! (especially of dogs, because they deserve it!)

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:sleep2: That's too cute. I like the way he's positioned in the last one especially- really looks like the way a dog would move.
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WOW, you've got the posture of the sneeze DOWN, I tell ya! :drool: That's freakin' awesome! :yes: I....love anything of the canine variety *coughSesscoughDoylecoughwerewolves*

*prints out to giggle over*

I love, LOVE Houndoom!


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Ooee!! Comic-y goodness! :drool:

I've always liked sneeze fetish comics for the sheer reason that i am amazingly impressed by them, and i cannot do them myself :laugh:

I just suck at repeating the same character in a different frame in a different position. Just. no. ;) I've tried. and i failed.

So i really can appreciate skill like this :yes:

I love it. :laugh:

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I'm so glad everyone liked it. Yes, I still wish I'd had the time to colour it. But I'm glad everyone enjoyed the comic form! All of the artists have a "thing" that they are known for...perhaps that shall be my "thing". Cute comics! :laugh:

And GreenFaerie-thanks for complimenting the pose! I had to make it up out of my head because I couldn't find a picture of it standing like that and I wasn't sure if I "got" it or not. I'm all happy now!

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