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Title would give stuff away if you haven't read the book!! - (4 Parts)

Guest blah

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~Warning- if you haven't finished the Deathly Hollows, leave now...I do not want to ruin it for you!-Warning~

"Harry, dear, we must hurry if we don't want to miss the children's arrival", came the voice of Ginny Potter, Harry Potter's wife. "I'm coming," said Harry. "Why don't you go on and meet the kids and I'll wait for Hermione and Ron to catch up."

Harry then watched as his wife proceeded through the brick wall to get to platform 9 and 3/4 in order to gather up their 3 kids to bring home for Christmas break. He seized the opportunity to muffle some sneezing into his increasingly wet handkercheif. Achoo! Hetchoo! Itchoo! choo! Ugh. He had no idea what happened. He had felt perfectly fine the night before. Well, maybe just besides the small headache and the slight yet persistant tickle he had felt that never turned into much more than a sniffle. Heh-hetchoo! Achoo! Untill this morning, that is. He now felt more and more miserable but felt like he had to put on an act for his family. This just had to happen right before his 3 kids, James, Lily and Albus came home from school, not to mention just a few days before Christmas. They had also invited his two best friends, Hermione and Ron (also Ginny's brother) to stay at their house over break along with their two children, Rose and Hugo.

"Oi, Harry, you coming or what?" Came the friendly voice of Ron. "Sorry it took so long, mate. Had a hard time finding a parking spot and Hermione refused to let me levitate it above another car, so"..." Well what would you think if you were a muggle who came out and saw a car floating in midair?" retorted Hermione. Harry chuckled and then covered up some coughing that didn't go unnoticed by either one of his two best friends.

"Harry are you all right?" "I..I'm fashoo. I'm fine Hermione." "You know you did seem awfully quiet and, now that I think about it, sniffly on the ride over. Are you sure you're ok?" "Yes, I'm sure Ron. Now unless you want to miss welcoming our children home for Christmas, I suggest you hurry up and get to the platform." "Oh my!" Gasped Hermione as she dragged Ron through the brick wall.

Harry took this opportunity to blow his nose and muffle another cough into his sleeve before composing himself and stepping through the wall to greet his children and the rest of his family.

~This is my first story and the ending of the Deathly Hollows just sort of inspired me. I've been reading stories on the forum and other places for a long time and decided it was about time for me to post one myself and see what you all think. Please give me feedback, tips, ect. Thanks in advance and I hope you enjoy it beacause I had fun writing!~

TBC?? Depends on what you think

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Guest lil angel

;) I love it i love it i love it i love it!!!! YAY...you must continue this :cryhappy: , i was waiting for someone to write a story about the grown up Harry and his adorable family...and now my dreams have come true! JOY!

Please carry on!! did i mention that I Love It?? :innocent:


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I'm glad you enjoyed it!! I am working on another part, but am wondering how you continue a story rather than starting a whole new topic?? If someone could let me know since I'm new and not sure how, that would be much appreciated. Once again, thanks for reading and there will be more coming soon!

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Nice start. :laugh:

Usually you would just continue by pressing reply and adding it in the same way that you just replied. The only problem at the moment is you probably can't edit so you can't change the title. Once you have 50 posts or so you should gain the ability to edit your posts and then if you go back to part one and press edit you can change everything including the title.

In the meantime those of us who are reading will just watch for your story popping back up to the top of the list at which point we will check to see if you have added a new post.

If any moderators or admins see this post and I'm spouting rubbish please just correct this!

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Yes, please continue! LOVED the bit with Ron and the car - very him, and follows on so nicely from the actual epilogue...It's also really nice to see some grown-up Harry. And now he'll have all the more people to notice and care for him...


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Thanks to everyone who read and for who replied!


Harry finally stepped through the brick wall just as the Hogwarts Express was pulling into the station. He looked around, spotting Ginny, Ron and Hermione standing right up front. Harry joined them just as the kids began pouring out.

"Do you see them, Harry?" asked Ginny "Not yet, but they will be out soon," Harry replied, a little hoarsely. Ginny noticed as Harry cleared his increasingly sore througt and winced a little. "Are you alright, Harry?" "Oh, I'm just fine," replied Harry. "Are you sure, because..." "Here they come!" Interupted Hermione. Harry silently thanked her for her perfect timing as he gathered his daughter into a hug, though he knew from experience that he hasn't heard the end of it.

"Hi dad!" said Lily as she gave her dad a big hug. "I missed you" "I missed you too sweetie." But at the end of his sentence, Harry's breath caught and not wanting to give away how badly he was feeling to his children, he painfully stifled the sneezes. "hnxgt, hnxgt, hetchoo." At least, he tried to. The last one was far to powerful to stifle and he ended up sneezing fully. He opened his eyes, knowing that he had just drawn the attention from every member of his family.

"Dad, are you okay?" Asked James. "I'm fine," replied Harry. He noticed Ron and Hermione whispering to Ginny and he had a feeling they were discussing what had happened earlier before they came through the brick wall.

"Are you sure about that, dad, because those sneezes didn't sound to fine to me," said Albus.

"Would you all stop worrying about me? I'm perfectly fine. I was just a tickle in my nose and now it is gone."

"Harry, it is quite obvious you are coming down with something. I thought I heard you sneezing and blowing your nose this morning," said Ginny.

"Yeah, mate. And after that little display of yours before, Hermione and I knew something was up," agreed Ron. "I don't get why you are always this stubborn when you fall ill. It happened all the time when we were in school. You would deny it as long as you could."

"Well, I'm not denying it because I'm not s...sick. Ishoo, Etchoo, Hetchoo." Harry reluctently brought out his handkercheif and blew his nose.

"Well, I do believe that confirms it," said Ginny. "Come on, everyone. Lets get home."

Back in the car, on the way home, everyone tries to convince Harry that it is okay to let his guard down and admit he needs some care.

"Dad, it's okay if your sick. Just stop denying it so we can all take care of you," said Lily.

"Yeah, dad, you do have 8 people here to take care of you. You'll feel better in no time," said Albus.

"Okay, Okay. I may feel a little under the weather, but it is nothing to worry about. It's only a few sniffles and sneezes. No big deal. Achoo, Ishoo," said Harry.

"Only a little under the weather?" asked Ron. "We know you better than that, mate."

Ginny then reached up and felt his forehead. Harry tried to pull away, knowing full well that he had a fever because he had checked that morning, but there wasn't exactly much space with nine people in a car.

"Ron's right...you are running a fever," said Ginny.

"I'm sorry everyone," said Harry. "We were supposed to have a wonderful Christmas together and I just had to go get sick and ruin it." Normally, Harry wouldn't be feeling sorry for himself like this. Ginny knew immediately that he really wasn't feeling to well if he was.

"Oh, Harry, we know it's not your fault. And you aren't ruining anything. All that matters is that we are all together as a family," said Ginny.

"You couldn't help getting sick Uncle Harry," said Rose.

At that moment, Harry yawned. The trip did take a lot out of him and now that he admitted his illness to his family, he let down his guard and the full symptoms began showing.

Ron noticed the yawn through the rear-veiw mirror.

"Harry, if you want, I could lower your seat and you could take a nap. We do have another two hours until we are at your house again since Hermione refuses to let me fly," said Ron.

Harry chuckled and began coughing, finding he could not stop. Ginny counjoured up a glass of water and Harry sipped it until the coughs subsided.

"Yeah, that sounds really good, actually. I am pretty tired. Heh-hashoo."

One minuete later, he was lying down and covered by a warm blanket, courtesy of Hermione, because she said he looked cold.

He was woken up two hours later by Ginny.

The first thing he noticed was Lily laughing at him.

"What?" Harry asked.

"You were snoring, dad," she said around her giggles.

"Okay everyone, come on in the house, called Ron."

Harry and Ginny were a bit slower getting to the house. The nap did help Harry feel less tired, but besides that, he felt worse.

"You must be stuffy. You don't ever snore unless you are sick," said Ginny.

"Yeah, I think I am," replied Harry in a deeper voice than Ginny was used to.

"Come on. Lets go inside. I'll floo mom and see if she's got anything that would help you feel better."

"That sounds great, Gin. Hetchoo, Atchoo. " said Harry. He followed Ginny into the house. He was then guided over to the couch, covered with a blanket, and handed a mug of hot tea.

Ginny then immediately went over to the fireplace and called the burrow.

"Hey, Ginny!" Came the voice of Bill Weasley. "Bill! I didn't know you were going to make it for Christmas," replied Ginny. "Yeah, I was able to get some time off work. How are you? Is everyone over at your place, now?," asked Bill. "I'm great and yeah everyone's here. We just got back from picking up all the kids from the train. Hey, is mom there?" asked Ginny. "Yeah, hold on a second, said Bill.

"Hi dear," came the voice of Molly Weasley. "How are you?" "I'm just fine, mom. I was actually calling about Harry. He has come down with a pretty miserable cold and I was wondering if you had anything to help him feel better," said Ginny. "Oh, poor dear. I will check." She came back a moment later. "Ginny, I happen to have some of my cold-busting soup left over from yesterday," said Molly. " Is someone over there sick, too?" asked Ginny. "Yes. George began coming down with a cold a few before he got here on vacation, so I made the soup yesterday and he seems to be feeling better today," said Molly. "That's good," said Ginny. "Is everyone still planning on coming for Christmas Eve tomorrow?" "Yes, everyone is excited to see you all. I will send the soup right along and make some to bring tomorrow. If George is any clue, Harry probably won't feel like eating much in the next few days," said Molly. "Okay, thanks mom and I will see you tomorrow!"

Ginny then received the soup, warmed it up, and brought it in to Harry. The kids were all sitting around Harry and laughing while telling stories of school from the past few months.

"Here you go, dear. Some of mom's cold busting soup. It's fresh from yesterday," Ginny said as she handed over the soup.

Harry held up a hand to tell Ginny to hold on a second as he began sneezing again. "Etchoo, Hetchoo, Itchoo. Sorry," Harry said as he took the soup back.

"Wait," said Ron "She made this yesterday? Is someone over there sick?"

"George. Mom said he's been fighting a cold the past couple of days since he got home on vacation," replied Ginny.

"Is everyone still planning on coming tomorrow?" asked Hermione.

"Yes," said Ginny.

"Well Harry," said Ron, "It looks like your not the going to be the only one in need of our care the next few days."

"Haha. That makes me feel so much better," said Harry, beginning to laugh. "This soup really does work. I feel as good as new. Echoo, Ishoo, choo. Well, maybe not quite, " he added after sneezing.

"That's all right, mate, you'll have a whole army to take care of you once everyone else gets here tomorrow," said Ron.

"Just wait until mom gets here," said Ginny. "She won't rest until you and George are both 100% better."

And once more, everyone began to laugh.


Thaks for the support, everyone. I'm going on vacation until Sunday, but I will try to type up the next part on Monday.

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Yay! You posted more! Loved this, really good. Looking forward to the others arriving, especially if some of them have caught George's cold...


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Guest lil angel

Another brilliant part! :dead: I loved how Lily and Albus were all concerned for their Dad, v.cute! can't wait for the next enstallment xxxxxxxxx

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Thanks again to everyone who has read and replied!!

Sorry that this part is a little on the short side, but I'm really tired tonight (just got back from vacation.) I just couldn't resist writing a bit more. In the next part, the rest of the family will arrive. This is only a little set up for that. I will try to write the next part tomorrow. Anyway, hope you enjoy!


"Harry. Harry, wake up."

Harry woke up to the sound and feeling of Ron shaking him awake.

"Heshoo. What?" groaned Harry.

"We've been trying to get you up all morning, mate. Ginny said to let you sleep in, so we tried to get you up at 10, but all you did was sneeze, roll over, and mumble go away. It's noon now and you really should get up. The rest of the family is going to be here in a half hour and unless you want mom to come in and think you are too sick to get out of bed and not let you get up for the rest of the day, I suggest you get up and get ready," replied Ron.

"Okay, okay...I'm up," said Harry. He then sat up very slowly and attemted to get out of bed for the first time in 12 hours. Even though he was quite annoyed with Ron at that point, he was glad for his presence a moment later. When he tried standing up and walking towards the bathroom, he had a sneezing fit. As he tried to steady himself, he overbalenced and would have toppled over had it not been for Ron.

"Woah, Harry. You alright?" he asked out of concern for Harry.

"Yeah, I think so. Just tired I guess."

Ron then reached up and felt Harry's forehead. He was surprised at how hot Harry felt.

"I don't think it's all about being tired. You have quite a fever going, Harry. I'm going to go get Ginny. Why don't you get ready for a shower and she'll be right in," said Ron.

Harry went into the bathroom and began peeling off his many layers. He was so cold last night that he ended up putting on three sweaters, but he felt way to hot in them now.

"Harry," came the voice of Ginny. "Oh, Harry. Ron was right. You don't look well at all. And you definantly have a fever. Hold on a second and I'll get the thermometer."

"Alright. Open up."

Harry began to open his mouth to accept the thermometer, but a tickely feeling came on and he closed it, turned away, and began sneezing.

"Heh-ashoo, hetchoo, itschoo, choo, hetchoo. Sorry," apologized Harry after the fit.

"That's okay," said Ginny.

She stuck the thermometer in Harry's mouth and waited the two minuetes before it beeped.

"Harry, you have a fever of 102.2. You must not be feeling well at all right now."

"I don't," said Harry. "But I'd better hurry up and get ready before everyone else gets here."

"Alright dear. Just holler if you need anything. We'll have the couch ready for you and George when you're done. Mom flooed earlier and said she was bringing some pepper up for you. Oh, and Happy Christmas Eve, Harry," said Ginny.

"Ishoo, Achoo. Happy Christmas Eve, Gin. See you in a few minuetes."


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yay... so excited...can't wait to read more

I'll second that...looking forward to the arrival of Mrs Weasley...especially as Harry now has a fever...


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This is really good. But I am greatly looking forward to some George sneezes. Fred and George are my favorite characters! ;)

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Hey everyboby!

Sorry this took so long. I had a very busy week and I finally have some time to type up this next part.

Hope you enjoy!

20 minutes later Harry found himself sitting on the couch covered by a blanket and once again given a hot cup of tea. In no time at all, Harry saw the rest of his family step through the fireplace one by one. Mrs. Weasley had been first and in 2 seconds flat, had rushed over to where Harry was sitting on the couch and had placed her hand on his forehead.

"Running a fever, are we? How are you feeling Harry? What hurts?" asked Mrs. Weasley even before all of the family had arrived.

"I'm feeling fine. Ashoo, Hetchoo. Well, maybe not so good," replied Harry. When he opened his eyes, he saw that the last of the family had arrived just in time to see him sneeze.

"Well, not to worry. I've got some pepper-up here for you and you can have some soup later on when you feel hungry," said Mrs. Weasley.

"Ishoo, hetchoo, heshoo, choo, achoo," sneezed Harry, "Thanks, but it doesn't seem like I'll be hungry at all today."

"You and George must have the same cold," thought Mrs. Weasley out loud. "His symptoms are just the same as yours. Fever, congestion, coughing, sore throuht..."

Mrs. Weasley's thought was interupted by sneezing again, but not from Harry.

"Het-tishoo, Het-tachoo. And sneezing," said George. "Lots of sneezing."

"George," said Ginny, "come and sit on the couch with Harry. We can get you some tea or something."

George went over to the couch, sat down, and was covered by a blanket, courtesey of Hermione.

"Thanks guys, but I'm really not that sick anymore. Harry's the one you should take care of. All that's left over is sneezing and sniffling," said George.

"And a fever," retorted Mrs. Weasley. "It was 100.5 when we left, so yes, you are still sick."

"And Mr. I'm-not-sick, I could hear you coughing all night long," said Bill. Due to his close proximety to George's room, he could hear every cough and sneeze coming from next door.

"Sorry," said George, a little ashamed of himself.

"Hey, it's okay. It's not like you could help it," said Bill.

"So, said Mr. Weasley, "How are all my grandchildren?"

"Good," replied all five kids at once.

"We've been taking care of dad and telling stories ever since we got home," said Lily.

"Hetchoo, Ishoo, choo, cough, cough, cough," but Harry found that he couldn't stop coughing once he started and was quickly given a glass of water and a very concerned look from Mrs. Weasley as he tried to calm the coughing.

"Sorry," he said in a weak and tired-sounding voice.

"Harry, you really don't look to well right now," observed Ron.

"You look exhausted," said Ginny, "Maybe you should go and get somemore sleep."

"I am tired, but I want to stay out here with everyone else," replied Harry.

"Harry, if you're tired, then you should go and get some sleep," said George. "When I started coming down with this cold, I kept on working and not resting like I should have been. Het-tchoo, Het-Itchoo. I've been sick for a week and a half, and am just now beginning to feel better."

"We know you don't feel very well and just as soon as you wake up, we will have some dinner and put the ornaments on the tree, okay?" Asked Hermione.

"Yeah, All right. I'll go and get some sleep. Heshoo, Itchoo. Or at least try to," said Harry.

"Good, said Mrs. Weasley, "Take this in with you and drink it up before going to sleep," she said as she handed him a goblet full of pepper-up.

"Thanks," said Harry as he walked off towards the bedroom. He then changed back into his pajamas, crawled into bed, drank the pepper-up in one gulp, and fell asleep a lot easier and faster than he had expected to.

Thanks again for reading!!


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Oops, posted twice. still new to this.

2007?!?!? Why don't I read years? -Smacks self-

Aha, that's alright, I did the same. :blushing:

You can always make a post in comings and goings. (:

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