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This was phoned in, by request.=) (m)


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Telling a story first, obs will be about halfway down.

This all came about from my frustration with T for not sneezing around me....EVER! We went on a road trip for two weeks, and he did nothing!! There were 13 other people in the 15 seater van we were travelling in, and each of them did it 4 or 5 times, to the point where someone else would sneeze, and I would bless them with a voice filled with contempt, through gritted teeth, causing T to laugh out loud at the irony and my suffering. So, we decided that desperate times called for desperate measures. We stopped at a convenience store for a bathroom break, and while the kids poured into the washroom, T and I wandered over to the spices aisle :innocent: . He decided it would look too obvious and strange if we bought a little can of black pepper, so we settled on a big, fat, grape flavoured pixie stick. So we're back on the road, trekking along, and it goes T, another guy, then me in the back row. The middle guy falls asleep, along with the rest of the van, so we make eye contact and agree: it's time to get this sneezing party started. :cryhappy: So he pours some into his hand, and makes like he's eating it, when really he was sniffing it. He did this numerous times throughout the trip...and OH. MY. GOSH. the pre-sneeze faces that would appear made me want to jump across our row and SHAKE THE SNEEZE OUT OF HIM, but they wouldn't come. He even got to the point where his chest was heaving and his breath was hitching, eyes closed, a little watery, mouth not-quite-half open, with a fist lingering below his chin to catch the impending culprit, but apparently he told me after that the burning of the powder was more powerful than the tickle, so it resulted in pain, not a sneeze. :D:lol: Thus, I didn't want him to hurt himself in the process of inducing for me, so we just ate the rest. :P But you can imagine how incredibly frustrated I was! Everyone else sneezing naturally, and he couldn't even sneeze when forced! grrrr....anyways, the obs....

So after we got back, I whined and complained to him about it, so he said, "Right. How about I send you a voicemail every time I do it?" I was like, :omg: "That could work..." :D "But how would you time it?" "I dunno, luck?" It sounded very doubtful, so I thought nothing of it. The next day, I went to work, and on my lunch break, I saw I had a text message. It said "Did you get that voicemail I sent?" :lol: I was like, FINALLY!! And it was beautiful, guys. Let me recreate my experience for you:


(two seconds of silence) -hut-CHISHHHHooo! -sigh- there you go... *sniff*

let's stop it here. So by this point, I'm on cloud 9. No wait, Cloud 7463508734. I'm thinking this is it, and if it was, I'd be a happy girl, I'd be able to carry on with life. But the voicemail kept going....

-sigh- there you go...*sniff*...........*sniff* hut, hut-ISSSHHHoooo! "END OF MESSAGE."

:drool::drool::drool: I pretty much died. How I went back to work and behaved normal, I'll never understand, but MAN, they were worth the wait.

So later that night, I was showering him with praise, and he was like, "Wanna know the story behind it? I woke up, and felt the tickle come, but then leave twice, and I knew you wanted it, so (his exact words) I went looking for trouble. (Dingdingding, we have an inducer! ;) ) I went and found some black pepper, and I shook the can, then I opened the lid and sniffed the cloud that puffed out...and I couldn't get to the phone fast enough! I sneezed twice running for the phone, once while it was ringing, and I recorded one the first time. But I knew there was more coming, so I re-recorded, and that's why there was a slight pause, cause I was trying to hold them off so you'd hear them. So 6 in total, two that you heard. Sorry, I'll try harder next time."

I am a happy woman. :D Hope you enjoyed! I'll post about the next one! :innocent:

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Wonderful obs! And how lucky you are that he tries so hard to indulge you like that! I have to say, because I used to use them to induce, how funny it was he tried the Pixy Stick!! Too bad that one didn't work. However, sounds like he's got the pepper thing down! Enjoy those voicemails! And thanks for sharing with us!

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