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Summer Cold from Hell


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For those of you enamored with the male nose socked in with a summer cold…I’ve cone down with a doozy. Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I caught a cold, let alone one of the summer variety. But this is just amazing.

As often happens, I wake up on cold day 1 with a sore throat…always the sign of sneezes to come. In many cases lately, I’ve hit this step and the cold goes away with some extra care taken. Not this time. I’m run down and working too hard of late so I kind of had the feeling that this one was going to go the course. And boy has it ever.

By the middle of day one, the sneezes took over …pretty much singles and doubles every half hr. Maybe 20 in the first day. Aside from the sneezes and sore throat…you’d never know I was feeling poorly. The nasal voice and blowing still a day or two away. That said…I remained similarly sneezy for another full day…then the water works began… and for two days I’ve been blowing and blowing and blowing in wet, crackly viscosity. Only when the long protracted honk takes over has my sinus emptied sufficiently.

My nose is now fully entrenched in the goopy phase and the blows, while less copious are thicker than ever. My nose is an absolute mess … stuffed and red as a tomato. I feel OK…but I honestly can’t remember the last time I took a clear, unimpaired breath thru either nostril and I’m all but ready to try those soft hankies I hear so much about.

SOME COLD… sniff, sniff, honk honk Sniff!

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