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Guest Raksu

So, new "art" again, it's all your fault :bounce:

I did all of the pics in a few minutes, so they might be (=are) crappy and not-so-detailed ^__^''

I like her a lot, but the "furniture"..... no good. Not at all.


Second one (He looks like a kid! O_o Actually he is 20 or so.)


I like this pic, even I find this most "not-good" of these drawings ._.


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I don't ever do this but...


Seriously, keep this up. Your drawings make my pants incinerate <3

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Oh my gosh, I love these, they're so cute! :D

I especially like the style of the body in the first one, nice and elongated/exaggerated, and the FEET! So cute! lol

The third one is lovely as well- good portrayal of misery hehe...i don't feel sorry for him :rolleyes:

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oh SHA!!!!! that is so cute. i love how you did her face! and the middle guy is such a cutie!!!

cant wait to see more!!

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EEEEEEE! Those are so ADORABLE! Your style is so cute, I love it totally! :eek:

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:) When I saw the second and last, MY HEART STOPPED. No friggin joke! I love your style to death! So much better than mine :bag:

Your second one is my favourite, because, who DOESN'T :cryhappy: long, fair haried Bishounen?...Okay, I'll tell you the truth: He reminds me of one of my favourite anime characters, Ryou Bakura (who, I admit, have become a fangirl of since my lil' sister first showed me YuGiOh :lol:)!

But, different as well, mind. Oh, how should I say it; IT'S JUST DAMN ADORABLE, KAY!??!! :boom: *Disintagrated*

*Time goes by*

...Heh, now I am breathing normally, again, I'm going to say :heart: Great job! :heart: Hope to see more from you! *Prints out all three and hides under mattress :(*

You have great talent in art! Really! How you drew the feet on the first girl, and the hands, and the tissue box and duvet in the third! :)

I'm done being a complete fangirl for the day...until next time :lol:

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