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in the night(f) and in the afternoon(self ob)


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Are you remember this post?:


yesterday night I was going to sleep, it was a hot night then I had my window open. When I'm going to fall asleep I heard the same female voice of my old post to scream "AH-CHOO!", and after 5 second again "AH-CHOO! CHHOO!! CHOOO!!" then I heard most nose blowing for 10 minutes. I think that was all but after 2 minutes I heard again "AH-CHOO!AH-SHHHOO!" then again the nose blowing. I was going to fall sleep with this sneeze-lullaby :hug:

My self ob was in the afternoon. I was alone and so bored..I remember that my father long ago smoked the pipe, then I search his tobacco. When I found it I taked a pinch of it and I reduced it in powder, then I sprayed it in the air and I sniffed...the effect was immdiate, I felt an incredible tickle in my nose and I started to sneeze too strong as a creazy for 12 time.

Wow, I don't think that tobacco works like that.. :bounce:

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I'm glad you got hear those sneezes again. To fall asleep to a sneeze lalluby... sounds lovely :dead: I never knew tabacco could do that either remind to throw some at a cute boy...

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Wow totally awesome obs, thanks for posting! It would be even better if the sneezer was attractive too :eek:

Hehe maybe some day you'll actually see her!

Please let us know if she sneezes again :o

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