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Unfortunate timing but nonetheless fantastic obs


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More than a week ago, at around 12:03 on July 21st, just after I'd bought my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (i was 2nd in line.. heheh), I rushed out of the bookshop, sat myself down on the sidewalk, leaning against the shop, and opened the book I'd been waiting two years for, shaking with excitement.

I'd gotten to about page three, and was completely giddy with anticipation and thrill, when something jerked me out of my feverish reading. A sneeze. A very loud sneeze, echoing through mainstreet at midnight. HAHSHOOO!

I looked up suddenly, surprised. My friends, all sitting at a picnic table a little ways down the street, laughing at me for being so obsessive, thought that something terrible had happened in the book to merit my tearing my eyes away from the page, and all said, 'don't tell me, don't tell me!', but I ignored them.

More sneeze echoed into my ears, this one a double, quieter and much more appealing. Heh-hehishoo!! Isshoo! My eyes scanned for the source. There, sitting with my friends on the picnic table was The Guy. I've had a ridiculously huge and very very secret crush on this guy since I was about twelve years old.

He was sitting with my friends (its a hick town, everyone knows everyone) waiting for the line to go down so that he could buy the book. THe fact that he was obsessive enough about harry potter that he would actually show up to the midnight release was hot enough for me, but on top of that...

His hand was up in front of his nose, and even as I spotted him, he sneezed again, a triple this time, rapid and harsh, with desperate little hitches of breath between each. His hands jerked upward and his head snapped forward with each, Nn-shoo! Heh-issshooo! Choo!

This was no time for me to be getting so excited and distracted. I had BOOK SEVEN in my HANDS. I should have been reading. I mean really, this was the highlight of my month. But... this guy, the secret love of my life, whom I had not seen since school was out, was there, all allergic and sneezy...

This guy, for the record, is about six foot five and built like a football player. He has curly blonde hair and the most adorable eyes, an easy smile. I love him. My friends laughed at him, sneezing repeatedly, and he said something about allergies sucking. I could only watch. He probably sneezed close to thirty times before he got up to join the queue for the book.

I returned to reading Deathly Hallows with a startling of a pull of regret, insides squirming and a jumping heart.

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hmmm...the best book of the century....or the love of your life sneezing repeatedly...God that's a hard one...I prolly would have had an aneurism.

...Although my decision might have been a little easier, since Daniel Radcliffe himself happens to be my one and only right now...hehe :drool:

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That's definitely a fantastic obs. Thanks for sharing.

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Lovely obs. Those sneezes sound absolutely wonderful!!! Thank you! And I hope he wasn't too much of a distraction for ya! :yes:

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