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I know, I haven't been here much... I have to be careful, now that I have my laptop back. XD


I was spending the day with a good friend of mine, about a week ago. You'd love her; she's tall, with thick, long wavy blond hair and grey-blue eyes. She's really funny, and extremely smart. She has very intense allergies, and always sneezes in multiples of three or more. Seriously, it's like, amazing.

Let's call her K.

So, I'm at her house, in her basement. The two of us were just chillin', watching TV. (Her basement's HUGE, by the way. 72" TV...) Then, I hear a quick, sharp intake of breath, and a stifled "Nnx! Nxt! Nng-shht! Tchh! Tschhu!" Of course, two sneezes made their way out. Rapid-fire, most of the time. Another intake. "Hh... heh.. huh-ishht! Tschh! Etsch!" Then, an exhale; "--ehh." Kind of high-pitched. She then said, "Damn allergies. I hate them! Hold on..." and another, "Hh-etschh! Eshuu! Ishh-eh!" And exhale. She silently stifled another three. She supplied me with a strong sniff, and repeated, "Shit, I hate allergies..."

I just grinned. "Heh, yeah, it must suck." Inwardly; 'Holy shit, do it again!'

We just kept on watching TV after that. XD


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Wow very hot obs! Sounds like my kind of friend lol! I would also like to hear more about her if possible :yes:

And I just wanna say that I'm incredibly jealous of those people with those huge basements. I used to have one in my old house but this house barely HAS a basement (if you can even call it that.. this is why I'm so hesitant to bring a girl home... no privacy :dead: )

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