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Do you have a longing?


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Hello :)

I was wondering, does anyone have a longing to see someone sneeze? Now, i dont mean like a fantasy or a likeness, i don't mean someone you WANT to see sneeze, but someone you would do almost ANYTHING to see them sneeze.

this is kind of hard to explain, so i'll give you an example;

My longing is my grade 5 teacher from my old primary school. At the time she was 25, sweet and beautiful with THE most wonderful sneeze in the world. What's more, she had allergies and hayfever *sigh* :rolleyes:

At the time i couldn't appreciate it fully because i wasn't aware of my fetish, but i still loved it.

I have recently discovered she moved to teach someplace else, so now there's basically no way i can ever see her sneeze, let alone see her FACE again :rolleyes:

I still LONG to see her sneeze, or even just see HER again. It's been so long i can barely remember her well enough to daydream :)

Sometimes i have dreams so real it's almost tangible, until i wake up :D

Yes, im not strange :rolleyes:

I'm not sure if i've asked this question before, but does anyone else have experiences or longings like these?

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you know...there is one guy in one of my dojos who has the most amazing wrongess....he has the most beautiful blue eyes, buzzed hair and an exmilitary build..completely scrumptious.....but i only see him about once every other month, and ive only seen him sneeze twice that i can remember. the first time, i was sitting right next to him, and he caught the look on my face, and not to mention Aku was right there, so we explained to him about the fetish.....Aku had tried to tell him before, but he wouldnt believe her...but i think the :rolleyes: kinda proved it for him. the second time he was behind me...and he sneezed three times in a row...i couldnt help it... :) i just stared at him and he smiled.... but that was months ago, and i havent heard him since.

id do just about anything to hear him again.... *sigh* :D *sigh*

(Aku's gonna kill me for this one :rolleyes: )

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For celebrities?......Kylie Minogue. No contest.

For real life? Well, I can think of a few ladies......most from my school days also. Teachers and students alike.

Hippo, do you know where your Grade 5 teacher actually went? If you did a general search on schoolfriendsreunited.com (in the section for staff) you may come across her.

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It's more like, who don't I long to see sneeze? :innocent:

Seriously, though, I have one particular person in mind, that I used to work with, and got to see sneeze on quite a few occasions. And I have to say, I miss that so very much. I don't see him on such a regular basis anymore, so I've been wishing for a nice show whenever I am around him. Of course, this hasn't happened yet, and I still long for it. He just had some of the hottest sneezes, and I was damn lucky to have witnessed so many of them! :dead: But, it still leaves me wanting more. The memories are nice, but it would be so cool to have some new ones also! :lol:

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For a few friends of mine yeah! Especially male friends so I can bless them and see how they react to it.

Celebrities? Nicole Richie! She's so cute.

I SWEAR I'm not going to result to stalking :dead: !

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I know exactly what you mean (hippo). Because of my anxiety around sneezing, I have no one at this time, I think though when I get over the fear this longing willl come back to me for a bunch of different people. Right now we all know who I would love to see/hear sneeze, Gaara! :innocent: How hot and sexy would that be? But Gaara is someone I'm dying to see sneeze, but not the same kind of longing your talking about.

When I was little there was this one person who had such wonderful sneezes... I also had a crush on him at the time. He was one of my friend's older brothers. He also had bad allergies, and used to love to watch him sneeze. He knew I had a crush on him, though. At one point me and this friend had a fight and didn't talk for years But at the time I wasn't allowed near her I ued to long to see her brother sneeze, but couldn't. Problem is now we are friends again but I have such bad anxiety I get all scared when he sneezes, now. The funny part is that when we were little her whole family knew I had a liking of sneezing, and her brother used to fake sneeze for me. Now I get scared and try to stay close to my friend hoping he forgot all that, because now I can't enjoy his sneezes :dead::lol: life goes on, though...

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Oh man, do I know what you're talking about! I once wrote a post about it in here called "Tortured! Envious! Frustrated!" This happens to me most often with celebrities, but there is this one guy at my church who I've wanted to see sneeze for so long and I don't think I ever will. I'm always too shy to look over at him, so he may have done it plenty of times and I've missed it. Either that or he just hasn't sneezed. I mean, there are only so many chances when you go to church once a week for an hour. It's horrible, though. I get so desperate!

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I believe all of us have at least 1 person we would like to see/ hear sneeze, but i kind of like sneesee's answer. I see many females i'd love to see/hear sneeze :wub:

Sometimes i get my wish eventually, and other times not.

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Well, i actually found her page. Sort of :lol: She WAS on friendsreunited, but yeah. She's got no photos or anything. And she stopped updating at my old primary school to where she's been. Stalker? Me? :dead:

Gawd, what i would give to just SEE her face again :yes:

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There is one person that I just would like to see their face (ok... all of them) again. Someone that I used to see reasonably frequently in the past, but now I know that 10 to 1 I will not Ever see him again. It's not one of those things that I think about All the time... but... when I do think of him, I still do have a bit of a longing to see him. I did get to hear him sneeze twice one time but that was it.... not nearly enough. lol!

There is someone else- who in place of the former person I am most definately looking forward to seeing again and I Swear that I am seriously to the point of trying just about anything *indirect- direct could be dangerous/ unethical, plus too conspicuous* (incantations, potions, power of positive thinking, etc, etc) to get to see them sneeze.

shy... I totally hear you on the being completely frustrated when you see them semi-frequently and they Never do and it's like "GRRRRR!!!" Seriously... the second person... there was a time where looking back I *Swear* that he had a cold, but did he?? NO.... of course not.

I Better get some at some point... I mean... the one big major fit that I got to see... *shudder* this guy that I found Completely unattractive and it just made me SOOOO sad and frustrated. *Noooooo!!! You should be "G" *

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I'm not sure if i've asked this question before, but does anyone else have experiences or longings like these?

Who doesn't :)

Since we're delving into our past I can think of a couple I've mentioned before;

1] A guy I had a huge crush on in high school (who once treated me to a spectacular fit wearing nothing but a jockstrap)

2]The amazon babe who lived across the street (she was a rapid fire fitter)

3] A girl in homeroom who once told the class, "If I get water up my nose, I sneeze my a** off the rest of the day."

They all had the cutest noses. :lol:

Celebrities: Too many to list. :)

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