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my sneeze was INHUMAN!!!!


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:blushing: so yeah....today i went to practice, this being judo of course, and in the middle of throwing drills, i felt a terrible burning somewhere along the bridge of my nose. now, me being the exhibitionist i am, stifling was not an option....i breathed in and out slowly through my mouth a few times, almost timidly for fear it would chase it away....my nose crinkled, and i closed my eyes....i could feel it building...it was only a matter of time.......


now, that spelling can only partially do this sound justice. i really am a bit of a screamer when i dont hold back, and it was a medium pitched feminine scream....worthy of Jamie Lee Curtis on allergies....and it was loud enough to stop all action on the mat. all the guys turned in time to see me fully bent over from the force, and they blessed me, most incredulously...this in itself sent me almost into hysterical giggles...but the best part was when my Sensei came out of the office..and asked what that noise was. it went a bit like this.....

Sensei: what was that? :omg:

Guy: it was a sneeze! :)

Sensei: no way! :nohappy:

More Guys: yeah...it was!....it was *interruption*

Sensei: if that was a sneeze....it wasnt human :D

Me: :rolleyes::laugh::rofl::lmao::rolleyes:

and then i laffed maniacally.... and jumped about while my sensei gave me this look.... :) teehee...i do love giving a good interruption to the usual turn of events.... and of course now, im known for making even more unusual sounds.... :rolleyes:

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Now I don't normally read obs much less comment on them but this one NEEDED it. For this:

:Sensei: if that was a sneeze....it wasnt human :dead:

Is the funniest response EVER. That just made me laugh so hard. At exactly the right time because I have to go do something I don't really want to. I'm going to be thinking of that line and laughing inwardly while I do it.

Weirdly enough...as I type this a FEATHER is circling around outside my window, like it's LOOKING AT ME. Sneezing...feathers...hmm! :lol:

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Chui, you always amaze me with your obs, of your self. Now that we know your not human :lol: just kidding... Great obs! :dead:

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Damn, that must've felt good to have your sneeze talked about in such a manner! Congrats, and a big 'ole BLESS YOU! :)

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Chui, you always amaze me with your obs, of your self. Now that we know your not human :innocent: just kidding... Great obs! :)

^_^ shhhhh!! dont tell.... ive been hiding my true identity so well..... :hug:

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Well, chui...there's obviously only one proper response:



I couldn't agree more. :drool:

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My base is in Kenpo, so I'm much more at home in upright sparring, but I know enough jujitsu and shootfighting to have fun getting beaten :yuck:

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oh dear me....we had dojo cleanup yeasterday, where we pulled up all the mats, and cleaned everything, and painted and such...and of course, all those smells and the dust...it was bound to get to me. :innocent: well, my sensei was standing about a foot from me, and the urge just got so strong...i couldnt stop the burning, so i turned really quickly and sneezed into my shoulder. it was a really sharp "ECH!!" sound....a partially stifled screamy one. this wouldnt have been out of the ordinary, but for the fact that my Sensei turned and stared at me before saying " :laugh: OH MY GOD :lol: " at which point i snickered and giggled like the evil wench i am :laugh:

well, i continued to sneeze throughout the day, mostly the same sounds, and all the guys kept blessing me..except for my sensei, who im sure was trying to figure out how i made that sound.... :lol:

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BWAHAHAH!!! :whistle: My GOD, those obs are HILARIOUS!!! :notworthy::cryhappy: *wipes away tears*

Shjeez, i need to see you Sensei's face when you sneeze like that mate :laugh:

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:yes: glad to have tortured.....er.....amused you all.... ill be sure to go sneeze around my sensei some more....
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well....looks like ive done it again.... something has been plagueing me in the dojo... and during class tonight, well...i just had a fierce tickle that would not be denied. It was only one... but lately ive been having a sore throat, so stifling was out of the question. there was just a hint of buildup, and it was totally dry. a very sharp, very LOUD "Heh'chu'EW!" yup...all three syllables... but there was something weird about the sounds... it wasnt anything like what i normally do..and was somewhat high pitched, but not squeaky... infact, the guys said it reminded them vaguely of a missle launch.

:D im not quite sure what to think of this one... i really wasnt trying to make an ostentious sound.... it just kinda happened... :D

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bless you!!!

hahaha missile launch? Your observations are very funny but I like them...make sure to bring some peppers/feathers to your next class..but from the sound of it, it seems like you don't need it.

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