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I was sat watching tv this morning when i felt a tickle, Heshooo uuuhh, a sneeze caught me by surprise, then another big hee-shoo uuuhh about a minute later, i looked on the couch and the table next to me for a hanky but none in sight. Off to the hanky drawer it is then ! I get myself a big white hanky from the drawer, open it out and had a big blow into it and off i went back to the couch with my big hanky in hand.

Back sat on the couch with the hanky next to me, over the next 40 minutes or so whilst watching the tv quite a few more Heshooos came and i had quite a few big blows into my big soft white hanky.

Anyway i had to go to work but before i left i had to make another visit to my hanky drawer. Thought i better be on the safe side so i took another 3 big ironed hankys out to take with me 2 white and 1 white with a red striped edging.

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