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OMG Frost and Doyle!


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Ok, I got sidetracked from what I was gonna do today, because this was FILLING UP MY BRAIN! And I had to get it out! yeaahh.gif

I rarely draw slashy stuff...but then again, I rarely drew men either and here we are! Besides, my new muses are tending to go poke.gif "DO IT!" HAHAHA!

But I <3 this picture. It's from an RP I'm doing with Aku where the boys are sick, and Doyle's feeling really bad on this particular day, and Frost decides to be nice to him *gasp*


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*STARE* :poke:

That is just so beautiful. Georgeous. Yes. :yeaahh: I can't take my eyes of it. :drool:

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Hey, is that your handwriting on it? If it is, you have really nice handwriting!

Everytime you post more stuff, I think I've found my new favourite of your stuff but you keep outdoing yourself! I just love Doyle's expression in this, and how the hands are done, but this time what really strikes me is how Doyle's skin seems to have a sheen to it. It looks just so beautifully done and...I have to keep on scrolling down to look at it, I really do.

:poke: Happy way to start a Saturday!

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WOMAN!!!! I.....jfalsdkjfdas......brain?!?!?! BRAIN?!?!?!?! JFLSDKFJSDKJF BRAIN!?!?! Oh my god, my heart just MELTED into a puddle of FONDUE upon seeing this!!!

GAH. I love EVERYTHING about it! I love every little nuance....the way Doyle's body is curled and the way his lips are parted just make him look SO miserable and just....vulnerable. OMG. *FLAILY STUPID!!!!* And Frost?? He looks so kind and concerned there in spite of his own obvious misery. JFLSDKJFDS! I just LOVE the way you captured the "private" emotion of the comfort scenario. It's beautiful. Seriously! Wtf, this is SO my wallpaper forever now.....

Comfort, need and no regard for gender. I love it. Just . . . two beings who have been through much and care about each other enough to show it in the most subtle, gentle of ways.

My GOD, I have a serious case of the warm and fuzzies!!!!!

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*looong gasp* :lol:

Woooow! :)

Gee, you're a great artist!!! :)

I think I'm in love with the black guy! Who is he?

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*looong gasp* :wub:

Woooow! :omg:

Gee, you're a great artist!!! :D

I think I'm in love with the black guy! Who is he?

He's hot, isn't he? :evil: Doyle is the one with the black skin and hair. Frost is the silver-haired, pale one. They make such a lovely contrast....

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:omg: yes......uhm...yes.....that is what i looked like watching this....ask Aku....



i just cant believe it...well yes, i can since you are the SNICKETYSNACK!!!!!



eeeek! the intense McHotness is making my panties incinerate!


:wub: i must now shower the screen in smoochies!!!


ok..im such a weiner...i know...but i just had to fan upon you since this is utterly amazing!!!!!!!!!!

ima go bye bye now.....


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