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Guest Minto

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Guest Minto

Okay. I'm sad, because this picture actually turned out decently in real life. This, keep in mind, is something I never say of my own artwork. I usually say it sucks. (Because it sometimes does.)

Anyway. So. I finish the picture. Which sort of looks more like a cough than a sneeze (guess it's presneeze)... But that's not the problem here, really. It's passable.

No, no. The problem is that my webcam GRAINILY MUTILATED MORI'S FACE. Mercilessly. So VoOS - I'm very sorry about the quality of the screenshot! I tried for a good long ten minutes to get it right, mate, I really did, and it just wasn't working. I may or may not try again tomorrow when it's light out and when I get a scanner I promise this will be the first to get scanned and unkilled!


I hope y'like it anyway ^^; Too bad you can't sneeze with your eyes open... This was almost a waste cause this guy's eyes are so neat (in the picture I referenced)! And. This is my first time ever drawing a man >_> Which may or may not explain any sucktitude in the pic itself.

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There goes my brain. Bye-bye. :poke:

*takes deep breath*


OMG he is SO ADORABLE, Minto!! :) ThankyouthankyouTHANKYOU!! AAHHH, I would say more, but like I said, by brain's gone missing. :drool:

(Thank you again :P )

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I can only sympathise...I can't imagine life without a scanner, me.

But, I think it came out really good! I like the hair on it. And I don't see ANY "suckitude" in there at all! I'm happy you decided to share it, even with the webcam woes!

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Guest Minto

:eek: Thanks everyone! I'm so glad you liked it, VoOS. :3 And everyone else. o.o I just realised it kind of came out frelling HUGE on the page, but oh well. XD

KK - His hair was a lot of fun to draw. It looks kinda funky in the real-life pic cause I went over it so many times in pencil. XD It was so addictive.. and spiky.

(Now I have to put it in a safe place so no one will find it until I get a scanner XD)

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  • 3 years later...

I want to see it too. :D

Sadly, the post is more than three years old and photobucket has this bad habit of deleting your login if you don't log into it in a long time. I am guessing this is what happened here. Sorry.

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