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Drive by sneeze (f)


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Late Friday night, I am walking back home with some friends after an evening spent at a local cafe. There's something pleasant about walking at these hours, during the day it's too hot to even sit outside (let alone walk...). We walk towards a crossing isle at one of the many squares (the city is plague with'em, it's safer, makes the cars slow down) and still with some distance ahead I see a car drive through the square, which I suppose is not THAT unusual, but considering the time of night, I can't really say it should be traffic-y...

The car (can't remember it's colour) drives slowly (cause of the square - hurray for squares) and the driver's window is fully open, the driver was a girl (I think she was blonde? but I couldn't really SEE much... she was probably in her 20s) - but the fantastic bit is that driver girl whilst driving through said square turns her head towards the open window to sneeze, and even from where I was standing (30-40 meter away?) I could hear her sneezing :eek: drive by sneeze ... what are the odds of that? :cryhappy: I thought it was a very fit ending for the night, I'd venture spelling it, but even though I heard it that were car-noises about, so I'll pass (sounded kinda wet, and while it wasn't scream loud, it was still noticeable enough for me to notice). So there :o

I've seen and heard parking lot sneezes (actually a cute double from the last month comes to mind...) but a drive-by-sneeze... hehe :laugh: 'twas pretty kewl if I may say so myself.

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Those odds are about the same as looking in the mirror and seeing the female in the car behind you sneeze.

Or a cute girl at a bus stop who brings a hand to her mouth as her head jerks down convulsively.....just as you drive past.

These two scenarios are silent, but they've happened to me more than once.

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nice obs

I have had instances where i saw the person next to me driving sneeze, a person on the side walk while i was driven by sneeze, and looking in the rear view and seeing the person behind me sneeze.

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