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Last weekend a buddy of mine, had a cookout and invited some people from high school that we hadn't seen in a while. What started out with a few people eventually turned into a high school reunion, which was good because I was able to see this good-looking Puerto-Rican/Cuban girl who was one of my favorite sneezers back in school. She has long light brown hair and her skin complexion is a light shade of mocha. My favorite feature of hers is that she has gorgeous light baby blue eyes, like her mom. I always wanted to talk to her more but never did. We never said more than hello to each other. I've known her since kindergarten which was the first time I saw her sneeze and I remember it well. One day we were finger-painting and I was sitting across the table from her and her friend. I noticed that she stopped painting for a second but I didn't think anything of it. That's when I heard 'huh-ngkt' as she stifled a sneeze. I immediately looked up at her and she was preparing for another sneeze. With her head tilted back I saw her tiny nostrils flaring like crazy. Her head came forward as she stifled the second sneeze and her friend blessed her. The sneezes were uncovered, hands-free stifles because her hands had paint on them so she couldn't pinch her nose to stifle or bring her hand(s) to her face. I didn't know about my fetish back then. All I knew was that I was mesmerized.

Since then, we had a few classes together from elementary school, junior high, high school. We even went to the same college, along with practically the rest of our high school. I've seen her sneeze a lot over those years. She's a sneezy person and she always stifled. Since I first saw her sneeze in kindergarten I've never seen a sneeze from her that wasn't stifled, including the time we were in the nurses office junior year of high school and she sneezed 27 times, all stifled. It took everything I had to not lose control. Sometimes she would have fits of 5-10 sneezes in class, all stifled as well.

Back to the cookout. She arrived in the afernoon but I didn't get to see her sneeze until later that night. She was sitting by the poolside talking with a group of people. I wonder if the chlorine had something to do with it. She erupted into a fit of 11 sneezes with a long delay between each sneeze and to no surprise every sneeze was stifled. It was a long time since I had seen her sneeze but it was well worth the wait.

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Sounds awesome...there's something about stifled sneezes that makes them a little special for me. Maybe it's the amount of control it takes, or the way it's often accompanied by that sort of shuddering sigh. Or maybe it's simply the fact that it seems like such luck to have caught sight of them in the first place... :)

Anyway, great ob, Brooks! Hope you run into your stifle queen again sometime :)

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