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Baniira took a request <3

Teh Ninjin

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Well, its been a crapload of a while since I drew something, and my old buddy Animeeze came back and asked for a Vivikari sketch. I was like "YES! I have an idea now" because I don't usually draw much unless someone thinks for me XDDDDD that's why in art trades, it takes me forever to decide on what I want. so they usually end up as just gifts instead of trades.

So, sorry I wasn't able to incporperate the pepper into this odd little sketch, but I still managed the feather.

Story is, the feather made her sneeze, and she's sneezing, and it flies away from her face. Who knows? It might return. XD Vivikari's constant nemesis "THE FEATHER" XDDDDDD

Here's the sketch, I'll stop rambling now.


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awsome pic :)! haha, its an evil feather! she might have a hard time if that feather makes its way back :)! don't worry about the pepper, i actually like the pic better this way. thanks again!

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Excelente!! A beautyful drawing from Baniira!! Wondering if that feather will return to tickle her nostrils, it may return with more feather... who knows! Even a cloud of pepper could apear too!! xD

Really cool the way you draw! keep it up the good work! :evil:

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Oohhh, that's REALLY cute. And...HOT :DI like her boobies I mean... :omg: Um... awesome pic, Baniira! :evil:

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Many thanks for your many very talented and very sexy drawings of Tamara and Vivikari. Can I ask who these girls are? Are they figments of your imagination, or characters from a book or TV show?

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