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If only you knew!!!!


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okay so i've gone topic starting mad, but i had to share it with someone :)

this weekend i've had three- THREE uncanny sneezing comments!

i'm handling them a bit better now- if this was say a year ago i would have died, but i figured sarcastic answers (many a true word spoken in jest!) are the way forward!

comment number one- my friend suffering from hayfever.

her: " i'm going on a date- i look gross, i cant stop snotting and sneezing"

me: " it doesn't matter"

her: " it does- i mean nobody actually LIKES sneezing and blowing your nose- its hardly a turn on is it!"

me: " hmm. i suppose not...."


Number two:

my b/f : "hang on wait a sec..." *sneezes three times- some of it sprays* then says sarcastically- "well, you enjoyed that i bet!"

me: oh yeah great, just love being sneezed on../sarcastic


him: *sneezes again*

me: "oh and that was absolutely wonderful too..."

And the third comment:

b/f: (bad allergies day) "i'll go there if you want but be warned i'm probably going to be sneezing every five minutes you realise?"

me: " i know, you can't help it."

him: "but its hardly attractive is it! me sniffling and sneezing!"

me: " oh...EVERYTHING you do is attractive, hon..."


so- any sneeze related "if only they knew" comments to share....?


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The worst one that ever happened to me... I'm sitting in one of my profs offices (we'll call him F) and another prof (lets call him A) sticks his head in and says , "Did you hear that sneeze". F says "No", and I shake my head no (like I could speak with him talking about sneezing). A says, "It echoed down the hall, but it felt so great". Then A leaves and proceeds to ask the same question to the next office. Then F turns to me and chuckles slightly and says something like, "He's a little crazy, but has a point, sneezing does feel good. Don't you think? Especially when you really let it out and it just controls you." As he's looking at me for a response I have this look as if he's saying something to me in a foreign language and go "I guess (trying to think what a 'normal' person would say)... I don't know". He seemed somewhat satisfied with that response. I just wanted to disappear into the floor. At least the subject got changed shortly after.

I really wish I could not even think about the fetish when people talk to me about sneezing. I feel so awkward during those conversations.

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He he he. I love this kind of phenomenom!

Back in the day, when I was still kind of nervous about sharing my fetish with my friends, a comment was made once by someone I was close to. I know I wrote about it in the obs section a long time ago. It was a comment by my favorite Head Cashier on the night that I ended up telling him about this fetish. He had a pretty bad cold, and we were hanging out in the phone center. Another cashier and I were talking about cute guys at work. Head cashier said, "I bet I’m super attractive to you all sick like this, huh?” And of course, later on that evening, I explained to him just how attractive it really was to me. :twisted:

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The incident that sticks in my mind is a bit complicated but still; when I was an undergraduate a friend of mine and I were sitting on my bed and a girl was sitting on the windowsill above us with her feet between us. We were jokingly pointing out each other's faults when th girl sneezed. It was a much better sneeze than I was expecting from her, girly and a bit HATSHHOOOOH , and I blessed her; this was at the time a big achievement for me, as I'd only recently started doing it.

My friend continued the convo with "...and you have a strange attitude to girls' sneezing." !!!

At once I went all defensive , scowled and said very offendedly , "WHAT? What is strange about my attitude to girls' sneezing?"

My friend gave a deep sigh and said gently " There's nothing at all strange about your attitude to girls' sneezing."

And that, children, is how I learnt not to draw attention to myself by being defensive or denial-ly about sneezing. It's usually very simple; just agree with whatever the other person says; then, after a time you learn how to turn it round and start a sneezy converstion on the back of what they have said/sneezed.

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There was only one that I can think of: my boyfriend had a couple friends over, and he likes to tease me sometimes by getting everyone talking about sneezing, so he kind of smiled at me, and asked the guys whether he had heard right that they were talking about sneezing earlier (when I wasn't there). One his friend replied jokingly, "Yeah, it turns me on." His other friend was like "what?? That's so weird that would never happen" or something equally as disbelieving and kind of grossed out. My boyfriend said something to the effect of "Well it's possible, I knew a girl who had a coughing fetish once." They wondered for a moment how exactly you'd use that (I didn't volunteer anything) and then drifted off the topic.

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