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Snow White and Rose Red


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Hey Hippo! I finally got these two done :drool: For the rest of you guys, Hippo and I were discussing how we LOVE the comic Fables, and wanted to see Bigby, Snow White, and Rose Red sneeze. Well, Hippo had Bigby down, so i decided to try the other two.

This first one is Snow and Bigby...they have an interesting relationship, can't you tell? At first Snow didn't like him, but she warmed up to the old wolf :drool: Here she's sick, and seems a bit embarassed by it, but Bigby thinks its cute.


And here's Rose Red, the 'naughty' sister. She's being nice and cleaning up.


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OMG!!! :blush:OMG!!!!

They're brilliant! And Bigby *I* LOVE how you draw Bigby! :drool:

And the Rose one is so unbelievably hot! The whole dusting thing is SO like her new personality, what with the caring for all the little kids and all :drool: And i love how she excuses herself, it just suites her. (And for anyone else, there's another picture done by one of the artists as my personal photo in my profile :drool: )

In conclusion, they're AWESOME!! :drool:

Thanks mate :boom::blushing:

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Oh man, I am such a giant fan of your work do you know that? Those are so great! And coming from me that's a pretty big compliment because I usually just scan this board for stuff that says (m)! I really, really like the second one because she's CUTE and I love her hair! :drool: Redheads yay!

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GAH! :yes: Bigby is SO HOT right there!! Hnnngh, man with pointy ears who is part canine. RARRR!!! HOTNESS!!!!!

Bigby2wolvclipped.jpgWhy yes, yes i am. Thankyou. :yes:

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EGADS!!! thats just insanely hot! i just love Bigby...and Snow...and Rose...oh hell...i :yes: them all!!!!!

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The secnod image, the one with Rose Red is definitly one of my favorites.

The other image is good too. :D

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