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Hana and Part (m sneeze, f tissue)


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Okay, so, I was surfing around the internet on a whim and discovered that you can order customized tissue boxes from MyKleenexTissue.com. I was a little crazy the day I found it, so I instantly thought, "Hey, this would be a good idea!" So, I set about making crisp, clear, tissue-box-related images of the two original characters I use on this board, and in relation to the fetish in general. Hana, the girl, is occasionally my doppelganger but occasionally free-standing, and her male counterpart is...originally named Part. He occasionally imitates my boyfriend Salmon but more often than not is subject to whatever Hana decides to put him through.

Anyway. Since I'm going to have them printed, I desperately wanted to have clear images...so, I used vectors! I did the original sketches on notebook paper with pencil, then scanned 'em in and attacked them with Inkscape. Hana took over 15 hours to do (fully shaded - unfortunately I can only use a very basic image for it to remain transparent)...I thought Part would take less time, but I kept finding things wrong with him, so he took about half the time. I might as well add these to my portfolio of regular art. I mean, there's nothing weird about designing tissue boxes, right? Graphic design, anyone? No? Okay... Right. I should probably show the pictures off, eh?

So let's see. First up is Part, I believe. He's sneezing, attempting to stifle with his elbow/upper arm. The guy's always got allergies :yuck:


Next up is the image of Hana that I'm using on the box, as well as the fully shaded Hana. (A fully shaded Part does not yet exist because I'm lazy!) Hana is actually not the type of character to sneeze or blow her nose very much. Hence why she's being a bit of a jerk and simply posing with a tissue. You can't see it, but she's smiling and sticking her tongue out behind that tissue. She inherited my mean streak!!

post-4233-1186651789_thumb.png post-4233-1186652415_thumb.png

'm really happy with how these turned out - I hope you like them too! (And if you see any horribly glaring errors, PLEASE let me know, as I'm planning to have these printed and want them looking the best they possibly can!)

EDIT: Added an updated version of Part - I did a little work on the hand by his side.

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:D EEEK, They are both SOOO CUTE!!! *squeezes Part to death* I love his pose, clenching his fist and all and caught into the crook of his elbow! MmmMmMmmm...:D Also, Your shading skills are amazing! I personally see NO errors whatsoever! I'd love to see more from you!

Okay, so, I was surfing around the internet on a whim and discovered that you can order customized tissue boxes from MyKleenexTissue.com

You can seriously do that? Hee hee, cool! Only If I tried, I know someone would suspect something. I'll look anway! I love your characters, they're both so cute!!! Whoops, I said that before :yuck: But that pretty much proves how true the fact is, ne?

Keep drawing!!!

Darn, it isn't available in England yet...Ah well *shrug*

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Those are adorable! I love your artwork! I want some custom tissue boxes, too. Must go over and check that website out! :yuck:

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AAAHHH, the CUTENESS!! :D Hhngh, sneezing into elbow... :yuck: Absolutely gorgeous. Yes.

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wow. vector work kicks ass. but without a base sketch, its kinda hard to do. but. -shrug- that's why I don't do it. Its challenging, and I am lazy. -thumbs up- but awesome job. they both are so cute it hurts XD

I have no idea why I said that. o_O;;

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Aww those are SO cute! I love the coloring and the crispness of the vector images. It really makes them look sort of like 'mod' graphics :(

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OMG!!! those are way too cute! i love how Hana is an evil wench (like the rest of us females here) that is just awesome!!!!

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:D *tries not to explode*

*fails...* Kyaaaaaaa!!!!! This beyond cute!!! :yes:

.....and he's got allergies! :o

My day just got a bit better! (well, it's 0:01 already, so it's not exactly day anymore... :twisted:

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Omg, these are amazing! Your work is so awesome, I love it! :innocent: And Part, I'd love to eat his adorable-self up like crazy!!! :laugh::lol: *save all for future and constant droolings* :laugh:

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I was offline for a few days because, funny story, I accidentally deleted the folder holding the original vector files for the pictures I posted and then EMPTIED THE TRASH and THEN realized what I had done. So...I had to get the files recovered. But they're back, so it's good. (Otherwise it's a waste of over a day's worth of hours...)

But yes. I'm so glad that you all like my art :wub: Coming back and seeing 13 responses just made me smile :cryhappy: Next time the inspiration strikes me I'll post here again :)

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Guest iffthelurker

Eek! I'm glad you were able to get the files back!

Part and Hana are adorable! And your skill in drawing them is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing them with us! :lol:

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