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I've been looking for a while for someone to roleplay sneeze fetish scenes over aim or something like that to no avail, so I figured I'd drop a line in here too :blink:

I'm a decent writer, not the greatest, but versatile and willing to accept criticism, and I always love writing when both sides are getting into it. I've been told I'm rather sensual in RP's, and I'd like to think I could play most any part that you'd like me to. I'm really up for anything, from romantic to kinky, long term to random single shot plays, anything you want =)

As for what I'm looking for, I'm gay, so I'm looking for another guy to play with (or a girl who can convince me she's a guy and not ruin the illusion :( but other than that, I don't really have any criteria... I have a few ideas I could suggest for stories, but I'm more than willing to play through yours as well.

I hope that didn't sound too dumb... so yeah <_< If you're interested at all my AIM is theangelicdaemon (if you prefer to use a different messenger, just send me a PM and I can work something out)

Talk to you soon, I hope :naughty:


PS: If we do a long term RP, art will probably end up being involved as well <3

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It's not live action, but there's always I Nem (link in my signature)

and GASP! There's two people who go by Aku now!

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Guest Kiyoshi

I would love to RP. :nohappy: I'm gay as well, though..Some say that I'm girlier then an actual girl, though I suppose you can be the judge of that. :nohappy: Though I prefer msn, I do have AIM! My s/n is koshikupcake.

I hope to RP with you soon. :hug:

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Awesome, I look forward to it! My MSN is in my profile, I can't guarantee I'll be on it as frequently as AIM, but if it's your preference, I can be accomodating. (congrats on getting out of the hospital, btw, I hope you're feeling better :D)

And thanks for the site ILS, I'll probably join, but it doesn't look like there are many frequent players T_T

Mod Note: Edited to remove contact info ~Mute

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