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A self-obs reveals that I have three different sneezes that from time to time vary in phonetics and loudness:

1. My most common sneeze starts with a short tickle followed by a long inhale then “. . .YISH-SCHEW! ! !. . . ” (usually twice and moderately loud)

2. A second variety is a short inhale, followed by a rapid fire “SCHEW-SCHEW-SCHEW-SCHEW-SCHEW! ! !. . ."(soft)

3. My VERY LOUD third variety phonetically is “. . .HAAAAAAAAAAT! ! ! ! !. . .” or “. . .HAAAAAAAAAATCH! ! !. . .” (usually twice)

Yesterday was my day for Sneeze #3. I had two rounds—one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It’s kind of a surprise which variety it will be every time I sneeze. Sneeze #3 is my favorite because it feels so good but bystanders with weak hearts should stay away. It’s sudden and LOUD!!!

It seems to me that in some people the nasal membranes react differently to different irritants, therefore varying the resulting sneezes.

Does anyone else have a variety of sneezes?

1. How do they differ? (eg. loudness, phonetics, tickle, buildup).

2. Which one is your favorite? (eg. phonetics, tickle, buildup)

3. Which is your most common? (eg. phonetics, tickle, buildup).

4. All my sneezes are alike.

Thanks if you care to share.

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I am the absolute queen of variety on this one. I can copy most any sound or pattern if I choose to do so. However, my typical sound is something like, "huh'ESShuh!" and usually only once, unless I'm out in the sun.

My favorite to "mimic" is a sharp, biting sound that is sort of "clenched." It's not really loud, just sharp. I like doing it because I imagine it isn't me. :rolleyes:

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Very interesting point. I must say I am rather envious of Gonnasneeze with such a variety of sneeze style, all doubles at the least!

It's something you do see in others - perhaps less easily in yourself - that there is a sort of sneeze repertoire, which may be broad or narrow. I do know someone - an American in fact - who normally sneezes a very classical, single achoo ! but I have also heard him do the five or six low CHOO CHOO CHOO CHOO CHOO in allergy periods. Another friend has a small, well behaved sneeze, that tends to get out of hand when he goes for multiples.

But it is an interesting observation, and I'll keep my ears open for these changes in sneeze style!

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