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Nose Pimples

Lady Tori

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Hey guys, just a warning that this topic is kind of gross, so if you're squeamish... I warned you :laugh:

For the past couple of months I keep getting pimples on the inside of my nose. The typical pattern is, it feels like my nose is stuffed up, and I blow, but nothing comes out. Then I start sneezing sporadically throughout the day. As this continues, a particular spot on the inside of my nostril (usually the left one for some reason :wtf:) starts to hurt. If I reach in and touch the sore spot, it is raised like a pimple, and in fact is one - a pimple inside my nose that irritates it and makes me sneeze :huh:

This is really annoying, as the sneezes are very persistent. I always tend to notice this when I go to work on weekend nights and have to communicate with a lot of customers. If there's anything I hate, it's sneezing in front of customers. I always try to hold it off but it never works :laugh: Plus the inside of my left nostril really hurts :(

Nose pimples suck. What can you do, put acne cream up there or something?? Seriously, if anyone has a prevention/cure, I'm all ears.

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Try saline mist. Sometimes, these occur via simple dry irritation. :laugh: I've had a few before and to be honest, I popped the bastards with a pin. I didn't sneeze, but it did hurt like a bitch.

Hope this helps!

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I'm sure that I must have had the dreaded nose pimple at some time in my life, but I can't remember now. I will say though that I have had pimples on my face in close proximity to my nose, and if I would mess with them, it would many times cause a little sharp pain that would radiate out toward my nose and then I would either build up to a sneeze or actually end up sneezing.

But I kind of liked reading about how you're having trouble around customers, even though I know it sucks for you (sorry!). :)

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Hey guys, thank you for the advice, I'll try to grab some saline mist at work soon (the wonders of working in a pharmacy :))

Aku - I never thought it could be from it being dry in there, but it makes sense. My skin has become drier in recent years as I've outgrown teenage greasiness...

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Oh wow, these are a regular occurrence? The only person I'd ever heard of (until now) getting them was my S.O.

Unfortunately, yes. Just tonight I got at least one more in my left nostril :huh: It's really painful!

I told D about it and he said he gets them and they make him sneeze too B) But I'm not too fond of sneezing myself and they hurt too much for it to be fun anyway.

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Okay, this is a shot in the dark, but perhaps you have ingrown nasal hair? I'm not sure how one might go about fixing that, but it's certainly possible...

Meh, that really suck!

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Can you reach it? I vote for popping (if it pops easily.)

I usually don't get that all the way inside, but at the edges of my nostril or the crease on the side of my nose. They always make me sneezy if I touch them. Right now I have this strange sore spot (not really a pimple) by my left nostril. When I touch it, I feel sneezy.

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