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Looking for a Harry Potter Fic


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Ok, there are so many Harry Potter stories out there, and I don't feel like going through them all right now, so I'm asking for your help. Are there any stories where Harry gets sick and Sirius takes care of him? :laugh:


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Well, since there only seems to be one fic out there, would anyone be willing to write an HP fic were Sirius takes care of a sick Harry? :wheels:

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I might.

When would you want it to take place?

I'd say maybe after the 2nd task of the tri-wizard tournament, to be specific, but anytime between when Harry finds out Sirius is his godfather and when he gets killed. The only thing I'd really like to see is for it to take place at Sirius' place.

Thanks...if you do decide to write.

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Guest SunSprite

There's this story on the sneezefic challenges page in the Beginnings and Endings challenge that might fit your criteria. It's called the Night Before New Year and it takes place in Harry's fifth year at Grimmauld Place.

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